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Regional Education Centre for Specialised Training at Airports – Wings project

Europski/regionalni EU IPA IV

Program: Operational Programme for Human Resources Development (OP HRD)
Projekt traje od 06/12/2013 do 06/12/2014
Iznos financiranja: 134,048 €
Ukupna vrijednost projekta: 175,761 €
Uloga fakulteta: Partner

Wings project – Regional Education Centre for Specialised Training at Airports is project of Zagreb Airport Ltd. in collaboration with the partners: the Croatian Employment Service- regional office of Zagreb and the Faculty of Transport and Traffic Sciences.
The aim of the Project Wings is to improve competences and competitiveness of the graduated unemployed traffic engineers. Through theoretical and practical lessons the participants will improve their knowledge in the field of air traffic, along with their personal presentation skills, focusing on the increase of their competitiveness while job hunting on aviation labour market. The participants will be trained by highly educated lecturers, instructors and mentors, who are also qualified experts with long-term experience in air transport and traffic.
All the classes will be drafted as the addition to the faculty syllabus and focused on the participants’ easier integration in business processes, since all the participants will obtain knowledge from the airport everyday work and develop personally in the form of “soft skills” programme. With a view to offer the combined knowledge of several segments, the guest lecturers from the Faculty of Transport and Traffic Sciences will include the scientific component in some of the classes, while the lecturers from the Croatian Employment Service will contribute to the mere procedure of the employment process.

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