Department of Transportation Logistics was established in 2005 along with the curriculum change on the Faculty of Transport and Traffic Sciences, and with the introduction of ITS&Logistics undergraduate and graduate studies. The first students on ITS&Logistics of undergraduate studies were enrolled in academic year 2007/2008.

Mission of Transportation Logistics Department is to perform education of design and optimization of different logistic operations, on undergraduate and graduate studies such as: warehousing, distribution, inventory management and transportation. So far, 166 undergraduate students and 58 graduate students have finished ITS&Logistics study program.

The Department cooperates on daily basis with the logistics business sector, and that enables students beside fundamental logistics knowledge to gain logistics industry knowledge and practical training.   Also we encourage and motivate our students to participate in our commercial and research projects.

The members of the Department have been and are enrolled in several international research projects. Currently there are nine members of the Department, out of which are two Associate Professors, four Assistant Professors, one Senior Assistant, two Teaching Assistant and one junior researcher.

Logistics studies program, according to the number of enrolled students on the undergraduate and graduate study level is the third program at the Faculty of Transport and Traffic Sciences. From total number of enrolled students on Faculty, on average 44 students take part in undergraduate logistics study program and on average 30 students are on graduate Logistic study program.