Traffic Signaling
Abbreviation: PROSIG Load: 30(L) + 30(E) + 0(LE) + 0(S) + 0(FLE) + 0(PEE)
Lecturers in charge: dr. sc. Anđelko Ščukanec
Lecturers: dr. sc. Dario Babić ( Lectures, Exercises )
izv. prof. dr. sc. Darko Babić ( Exercises, Lectures )
Mario Fiolić mag. ing. traff. ( Exercises )
Course description: General concepts of traffic signaling, historical development, legislation and materials for traffic signaling and standards for determining quality. Visibility of traffic signaling and retroreflection in traffic. Traffic signs and their definition and division, retroreflective materials and fabrication technology and elements affecting their visibility. Road markings and their definition and division, materials and marking technology and elements affecting their visibility. Lighting and traffic equipment on roads, their definition and division. Development of projects of permanent and temporary traffic regulation. Marking of vehicles and marking of persons in traffic, and defining the need for their marking.
Lecture languages: hr
Compulsory literature:
1. Pašagić, S.: Vizualne informacije u prometu, FPZ, Zagreb, 2004.
2. Ščukanec, A.: Autorizirana predavanja iz kolegija (objavljeni sadržaj na Merlinu)
Recommended literature:
3. Dewar, R., Olson, P.: Human Factors in Traffic Safety, Second Edition, Lawyers&Judges Publishing Company, Inc., 2007.
4. HAV Verkehrstechnischer Kommentar, Bonn,1992.
5. Highway Capacity Manual, Special report 209, Transportation Researsch Board, National Research Council, Washington, D.C.,1994.
6. Institut of Trancsport Engineers: Traffic Signing Handbook, Washington, D.C.,1997.
7. Olson, P. L., Dewar, R., Farber, E.: Forensic Aspects of Driver Perception and Response, Tuscon, 2010.
L - Lectures
E - Exercises
LE - Laboratory exercises
S - Seminar
FLE - Practical foreign language exercises
PEE - Physical education excercises
* - Not graded