Logistics and Transportation Models
Abbreviation: LOGTRAM Load: 30(L) + 0(E) + 15(LE) + 0(S) + 0(FLE) + 0(PEE)
Lecturers in charge: dr. sc. Ratko Stanković
Lecturers: prof. dr. sc. Jasmina Pašagić Škrinjar ( Lectures, Laboratory exercises )
izv. prof. dr. sc. Ratko Stanković ( Laboratory exercises )
Course description: Introduction to mathematical models and modeling. Elements of logistics systems: the role of transport systems in the logistics model, macro-logistic and micro-logistical organizations, technology, transport infrastructure and means of transport. Solving logistics problems by applying mathematical models: allocation model, transport model, location model, distribution network model. Using software tools. Heuristics: P and NP complex problems, heuristic algorithms, application in solving logistic problems.
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Compulsory literature:
4. 1. Stanković, R., Pašagić Škrinjar, J.: Logistika i transportni modeli - autorizirana predavanja, FPZ, 2016. 2. Ivaković, Č., Stanković, R., Šafran, M.: Špedicija i logistički procesi, Fakultet prometnih znanosti, 2009.
Recommended literature:
3. 1. Lawrence, J. A., Pasternack, Barry A.: Applied Management Science, Jonh Wiley & Sons Inc., Hoboken, 2002. 2. Reeves, C.R.: Modern Heuristics Tehniques for Combinatorialn Problems, McGraw-Hill Book, 1995. 3. Shapiro, J. F.: Modeling the Supply Chain, Wadsworth Group, Thomson Learning Inc., Duxbury, 2001.
L - Lectures
E - Exercises
LE - Laboratory exercises
S - Seminar
FLE - Practical foreign language exercises
PEE - Physical education excercises
* - Not graded