Deutsche Bahn autonomous vehicles


„Bad Birnbach meets Silicon Valley“ is the title on the pages of Deutsche Bahn. It is easy to assume what is it about.

Autonomous mini buses “Olli” delivered for local traffic areas of Bavaria are quite unique solution on which DB has been working for a while. Chosen place of implementation is Bad Birnbach, although preliminary testing is already done in Berlin and Leipzig. Goal of the project is to initiate these autonomous vehicles on the streets of german cities as a part of regular public transport services.

“We are opening new area in the field of urban public transport here in Bad Birnbach… autonomous ride is a part of the future, not only for big cities, but for rural areas as well. This is where DB sees huge market potential. – Klaus-Dieter Josel, DB Agent in Bavaria

DB minibuses are electrically-powered and equipped with sensors and cameras. More about them you can learn in the video bellow:

On 29th of April, all the gathered had the chance to participate in test rides.

Implementation of autonomous vehicles in the services of public transport does not exclude usage of conventional means of transport but it can actually improve them. That is one of the main reasons DB is investing autonomous ride. These vehicles offer personalized transport service with more comfort. They are available for shorter urban and rural relations so they can fill the „gap“ in poorly connected and remote areas by connecting them to railway lines. By making railway stations more connected with remote areas DB can attract more passengers to using more sustainable transportation modes – trains and autonomous mini buses.

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