Introducing Case study No.1 on Erasmus Days in School for road traffic, Zagreb

On 12th of October colleagues Natalija Ozimec, Goran Matić and I celebrated the Erasmus Days with the workshop “Green Company” as part of the SUSTAIN4VET project. During the project, we created a business case based on data provided to us by a wholesale drugstore, from which it is evident that the introduction of new technologies in logistics can have a positive effect on increasing business efficiency in terms of reducing unnecessary costs due to errors in business, but with an emphasis on the sustainability that the company achieves through economy of resources and concern for the environment. Preservation of the environment is a product of reduced delivery errors, whereby the number of deliveries, the number of printing on additional papers, product losses due to the expiry of the shelf life
and the like are reduced.

The students of the 3rd class were very interested and actively participated in the workshop, and from the evaluation questionnaire we learned that we encouraged them to think about the ‘green’ way of doing business and that in addition to increasing efficiency, caring for the environment is extremely important.

In these pictures you can see the working atmosphere with our students: