About project

The key objective of the Sustain4VET project is to develop an inventory of living green case studies and innovative pedagogies for collaborative online living case study-based teaching. In addition, VET teachers will be trained in the use of innovative pedagogies for online case study-based teaching, and be able to test the designed case studies and innovative pedagogies in practice. This project even aims to start activities with national bodies for systemic integration of developed pedagogies into the educational framework of French, Slovenian, Croatian and + VET in transport and logistics.


Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the opportunities to provide VET students in logistics and transport with practical training in the workplace are highly limited if not inexistent. Therefore, it is necessary to quickly find appropriate solutions that would at least partially substitute practical training but would also be used after the completion of the pandemic situation. A potential solution is an integration of living case studies into the VET teaching and learning practice that will later also be applicable in blended teaching and learning situations. However, several empirical surveys conducted in EU VET institutions by consortium partners during 2018-2021 revealed that VET teachers lack: – digital skills, – case-study based teaching skills, – cooperation with the logistics industry, – green skills. The target groups that this project addresses includes VET teachers in logistics and transport, trainers in logistics and transport, and higher education teachers in logistics and transport. Other stakeholders are VET teachers in other fields of VET, headmasters of VET institutions, relevant ministries and other governmental bodies responsible for VET, and the logistics and transport industry.

The project was co-financed by the European Union from the European Social Fund