MULTIPLIER EVENT – Sustain4VET project

On 23rd May 2023 was held the Multiplier Event for the project „Innovative and sustainable pedagogies for digital green case study-based teaching 4 vet“ (Sustain4VET). The organizer was Faculty of Transport and Traffic Sciences, University of Zagreb and it was held in hybrid mode.

The aim of was to promote developed innovative technologies for online and distance-based

education by using living case studies to Croatian VET environment in transport and logistics and in

general, to policymakers and logistics industry.

Project team members (Željka Turković from School for road transport and Jasna Polanović from High School Zlatar) held the workshops based od project activities, green living case study, six hats, etc. Also, there was a special section for students: presentations where the students had an opportunity to present their experience. Ivona Bajor, project manager, was the moderator and she presented project results, dissemination activities, project activities, etc. Multiplier Event was visited by participants from various institutions such as logistic companies, other faculties, national authorities, as well as students (high schools and faculty). It was an opportunity for participants to take the role of a student and experience on their own the living case study based teaching, benefits, weaknesses, opportunities etc. Consortium partners will also START ACTIVITIES WITH NATIONAL VET BODIES for systemic integration of results into Slovene, Finnish, Croatian & France educational framework.