Laboratory for planning and modelling
in water traffic

Areas of Expertise

Laboratory for Planning and Modeling in Water Traffic was established in 2021.

Main activities of the Laboratory are in the scientific field of traffic and transport technology, branch maritime and inland waterway traffic. The main task of the Laboratory is to structure and develop research activities in water transport. Simulation tools within the Laboratory, which enable the testing of ideas or hypotheses before the actual attempt, are used in teaching and research work.

Katalog laboratorijske opreme


CHESSCON Simulation

CHESSCON Simulation is a simulation program for planning and optimization of terminal‘s layout and processes. It has been approved in container terminals worldwide and allows terminal operators and consultants to accomplish their strategic and tactical planning in a fast and easy way to find the best solution. Terminal operators can run through many options (manual, semi-automated, automated) to find the winning strategy in a complex market.