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Reverse Logistics

Department of Transport Logistics

Semester: Winter/Summer
Study level: MSc
Course code: 172544
Available in 2022/23: Yes

Course description:
Course provides knowledge of reverse logistics from the aspect of supply chain. It consist of these topics: Reverse Logistics Activities, Reverse Logistics Barriers, Green Logistics, Managing Returns, Gatekeeping in Reverse Logistics, The Concept of Disposition of Returned Goods in Reverse Logistics Channels, Consumer as a Part of Reverse Logistics Chain, Centralised Return Centers, Reverse Logistics Operations as Element of Warehouse Management, Reverse Logistics Information Systems, Human Resources in Reverse Logistics, Secondary Market, Landfills, Importance of Transport Packaging in Reverse Logistics, Returnable Packaging and Product Considerations. Learning outcomes will result in students perception of reverse and green logistics systems in use, the methodology for implementation of reverse logistics systems in distribution chain. Students will recognise which reverse logistic activities should be implemented into company and how to implement them with the possibility of upgrading. They will learn how to recognise and prevent the existence of reverse logistics barriers and how to create efficient reverse logistics distribution channels. Outcome provides a students knowledge to create and maintain three goals of reverse logistics: to have a satisfied consumer, to keep profit inside the company and to implement environmental aspects. Thematic is current and popular so this course was chosen by 80% of total number of students in this semester.

Course teachers:
Ivona Bajor
Margareta Živičnjak

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