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Faculty of Transport and Traffic Sciences, established in 1984, is the faculty of the University of Zagreb, and the leading high education as well as scientific and research institution in the field of transport and traffic engineering in Croatia. Faculty staff participates in national, regional and international scientific, research and development projects funded by the national Ministry of Science, Education and Sports, European Commission and international institutions. The Faculty participates in public and commercial projects aimed at solving transport and traffic problems of transportation sectors in Croatia. International cooperation through exchange of academic staff and students presents an important part of academical and research activities.


Faculty of Transport and Traffic Sciences offers programmes in Traffic and Transport, Intelligent Transport Systems and Logistics, and Aeronautics. Programme of Traffic and Transport involves courses in Road, Railway, Urban, Air, Waterway, Postal, and Information and Communication Transport and Traffic. All programmes are taught at the three-year undergraduate (180 ECTS) and two-year graduate levels (120 ECTS).
Postgraduate studies provide three-year Doctoral Studies in the field of Transport and Traffic Engineering, as well as one-year Specialist Studies in Urban Transport and Traffic, Inter-modal Transport and Traffic, and Transport Logistics and Management.


Transport and traffic engineers generally work in transport services and other related enterprises and public institutions dealing with various transport modes and/or traffic technology, logistics, and management. The job of transport and traffic engineer covers wide range of professional activities, e.g. planning, design, operation, supervision, and maintenance of transport and traffic facilities and processes.


The research carried out is of a high international standard with the goal of providing modern transport and traffic technology, infrastructure, logistics and intelligent transport systems solutions in road, waterway, postal, information and communication, urban, air and railway transport.


The Faculty of Transport and Traffic Sciences has three locations in the city of Zagreb. The main building at Vukelićeva 4, Borongaj Campus and Lučko Airport. The Faculty main building containing the administrative services such as the dean’s office, student affairs and international cooperation office, as well as some of the teachers’ offices. The next important location is the Borongaj Campus. It is located approximately 3 kilometres east of the main building and it the place where students spend most of their time. The campus consists of several building and houses four faculties of the University of Zagreb. The Faculty of Transport and Traffic Sciences occupies buildings 69, 70 and 71. Most of the teachers’ offices and classrooms are located at the campus, as well as the library (building 71) and department laboratories. One of the state subsidised student cafeterias is located on campus. The campus can be reached by tram and bus.

Faculty management building University campus Borongaj

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