CEEPUS – Guidelines for incoming students

There are two types of mobility:

  • mobility inside CEEPUS networks (network mobility) and
  • mobility outside CEEPUS networks (freemovers).

Mobility within the networks is a priority.

Within the CEEPUS programme, scholarships are available for two categories of students:

  • short term students – who are working on their thesis (min of 21 days and a max of 3 months stay)
  • (semestral) students – minimum of 3 months and a maximum of 5 months stay

Duration of winter/summer semestre at the Faculty of Transport and Traffic Sciences (FPZ) is at least 4 months. Mobility for teaching and attending lectures can be carried out only during the lecture period at FPZ.

Freemover mobility: Faculty is accepting freemover mobility in the summer semester. In some cases, freemover mobility can be accepted in the winter semester.

Before the mobility


All students should first contact the CEEPUS coordinator at their home institution to enquire about the number of available scholarships, available destinations and the selection procedure. When the respective CEEPUS coordinator has approved your mobility, you should apply for the mobility.

Freemovers: Student should check the possibility of applying as a freemover in Croatia (contact NCO Croatia via e-mail ceepus@mobilnost.hr).

Step 2: APPLICATION FOR MOBILITY TO FPZ (host institution)

The student who plans to come to FPZ should study the FPZ International Cooperation and Mobility web site where she/he will find all relevant information concerning the incoming mobility.

The student should decide which courses it wish to enrol at the FPZ or who is going to be their thesis mentor at FPZ and start filling out the Learning Agreement. Courses can be selected from the list of courses offered to CEEPUS and Erasmus students at FPZ within undergraduate and/or graduate study programme. Student can pick undergraduate and graduate courses independently of the level of study she/he applies for (if the home institution has no restrictions on that matter). Postgraduate student can select courses from list of courses offered within specialist study programme (see: tab hrv. Specijalistički studij) or doctoral study programme (see: tab hrv. Doktorski studij).

Network mobility: You should contact the CEEPUS coordinator at home institution and ensure that you will be nominated for the mobility.

Freemover: The CEEPUS coordinator of the home institution should approve your freemover mobility.

Student should then send the following documents to CEEPUS coordinator via e-mail to mobility@fpz.unizg.hr (before submitting mobility application via https://www.ceepus.info):

  1. Learning Agreement (docx) – filled in .doc format (example_LA.pdf)
  2. Curriculum Vitae (Europass .pdf)
  3. Grade Transcript and Certificate of Enrolment (issued by your university)
  4. Note: International students, to be able to successfully complete courses at our faculty, are required to have an advanced level of language proficiency – a minimum level of B2, according to CEFR. FPZ does not require official language certificate. We trust our partners to send us students who fulfil the aforementioned criteria. If the students do not meet the language requirement FPZ reserves the right to withdraw them from the courses and program.

The CEEPUS coordinator at FPZ will inform the student and the CEEPUS coordinator at the home institution whether the submitted application was accepted (freemovers will receive Letter of Acceptance) or refused. The student should then initiate the online application procedure via CEEPUS platform (https://www.ceepus.info/).


Mobility applications are submitted online via the CEEPUS website (https://www.ceepus.info). If you have not registered on the CEEPUS website, please register selecting the Mobility role. After you sign in, click on the link “your mobility application”, choose the academic year, click “Action” and follow the instructions.

Under “Motivation” list:

  • the courses you wish to enrol at FPZ and title of the thesis and/or
  • names of your mentors at: (i) home institution and at (ii) FPZ (host institution).
  • If your institution is a member of a CEEPUS network, a student does not have to upload any additional documents, with the exception of an Equal Status document. This document is obligatory for non-CEEPUS citizens who are enrolled at a higher education institution in a CEEPUS member country. The Equal Status document is a document proving your status of a regular student in a CEEPUS country.

    Freemovers: You will need to upload to CEEPUS system a:

  • Letter of Acceptance from the host institution
  • Two Letters of Recommendation from your home institution


    Your online application first needs to be approved by your home institution (CEEPUS coordinator) and your home NCO. After that, the application is forwarded to FPZ (host institution) and is finally accepted by the host NCO. After you have been awarded a CEEPUS scholarship you will receive an automatically generated email from CEEPUS. Accept your CEEPUS grant in the CEEPUS online software, by clicking the “accept” button in your application.


    Prior to your arrival (in general at least one month prior), you will receive an e-mail from the National CEEPUS Office Croatia (NCO Croatia or NCO-HR, i.e. host NCO) containing some general information concerning your stay in Croatia as a CEEPUS scholarship holder, together with the necessary documentation. If you agree with the terms and conditions of the awarded scholarship, sign the Letter of Acceptance and send it to the NCO Croatia as soon as possible, at the latest by the deadline stated in the Provisional Letter of Award.

    Enquire at the Croatian Embassy in your country regarding visa regulations between your country (non-EU citizens) and Croatia. Verify the status of the health care agreement between Croatia and your home country (non-EU citizens) and take all necessary steps to secure health insurance during your stay in Croatia. For more information see NCO-HR web page.

    Accommodation will be arranged for you in a student dormitory free of charge for the period of the awarded mobility grant (dates stated in the Letter of Award) by the Agency for Mobility and EU Programmes (NCO-HR). To arrange for your accommodation, contact National CEEPUS Office (NCO-HR) – Agency for Mobility and EU Programmes at ceepus@mobilnost.hr If you have other accommodation plans, please inform the Agency when you submit the signed Letter of Acceptance.

    Note: Student dormitory usually requires students to bring doctor’s report of pre-existing and existing health issues with the emphasis on chronic and contagious diseases.

    Step 6: CONTACT CEEPUS COORDINATOR AT FPZ (host institution)

    Once you have accepted CEEPUS grant or/and received an e-mail from the NCO Croatia containing Letter of Award, you should contact by e-mail the CEEPUS coordinator at FPZ (mobility@fpz.unizg.hr) The following documents should be included in your e-mail:

    1. Learning Agreement (firts page completed and signed). Note: if you have fulfil this requirement before you don’t need to send LA again.
    2. Letter of Award (received by NCO Croatia) – optional


    • Network mobility: winter semester (1.07.); summer semester (1.12.)
    • Freemover: winter semester (1.09) – if applicable; summer semester (1.12)


    In order to receive the scholarship and enrol at the Faculty, you will need a personal identification number.


    Internet – eduroam (AAI)
    If you need an AAI@Edu.hr account, i.e. eduroam account (see: Where can I eduroam?) during your stay, you will need to fulfil a Zahtjev za administriranje AAI.pdf (in Croatian) or Request for paperwork AAI (in English – unofficial version). We suggest to fill this form before your arrival and send to mobility@fpz.unizg.hr. Note: to fill this form you will need personal identification number (OIB) – see step 7.”

    Other info:

    During the mobility

    Upon arrival, in order to receive the scholarship*:

    • Contact CEEPUS coordinator at the Faculty
    • Obtain a personal identification number (OIB) in teh Republic of Croatia
    • Send to mobility@fpz.unizg.hr as soon as possible your:
      1. full name (as is declared towards the bank)
      2. permanent/home address
      3. personal identification number (OIB) in the Republic of Croatia
      4. bank account information:
        • name of the bank
        • your IBAN
        • SWIFT code

    *It usually takes a few days to get the scholarship funds. We recommend that you secure sufficient funds to cover your needs for the first few days of your stay in Croatia.

    After the mobility

    When your mobility period ends you should:

    1. Fill out the Mobility Report and Letter of Confirmation at www.ceepus.info (more info)
    2. After completing the forms, contact the local CEEPUS coordinator. They will check the Mobility Report and Letter of Confirmation and print, sign and stamp the documents
    3. Upload signed and stamped documents at www.ceepus.info
    4. Share you mobility experience.

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