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Last update: November 12, 2018

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Course title Study
Semester Course code Available
in 2018/19
Aircraft Instruments and Electrical Systems I Aeronautics W 85323 Yes
Evaluation of Road Projects Traffic and Transport S 126037 Yes
Fundamentals of Intelligent Transportation Systems ITS and Logistics S 47710 Yes
Integral and Intermodal Systems ITS and Logistics W/S 35987 Yes
Inventory Management ITS and Logistics W/S 172545 Yes
Logistics and Transportation Models ITS and Logistics W/S 86882 Yes
Quality Management ITS and Logistics W 171782 Yes
Railway Intelligent Transportation Systems Traffic and Transport W/S 62804 Yes
Railway Transport Computer Modelling Traffic and Transport W/S 60616 Yes
Reverse Logistics ITS and Logistics W/S 172544 Yes
Transport Optimization ITS and Logistics W 60608 Yes
Warehouse Transport and Storage ITS and Logistics W/S 172284 Yes
Water Transportation Planning Traffic and Transport S 47776 Yes
Transport Economics Traffic and Transport W 27433 Yes
Railway Timetabling Traffic and Transport W/S 74185 Yes
Traffic Medicine All programmes W/S 36067 Yes
Transport Ergonomics All programmes W 171774 Yes
General Navigation Aeronautics S 63254 Yes
Organizing Railway Passenger Transport Traffic and Transport S 62815 Yes
Railway Transport Automatization Traffic and Transport W/S 60615 Yes
Railway Signalling Traffic and Transport W/S 36081 Yes
Railway Traffic Technology Traffic and Transport W 36076 No
Railway Traffic Technology I Traffic and Transport W 47731 Yes
Railway Freight Transport Traffic and Transport W/S 118252 Yes
Railway Transport Management Traffic and Transport W/S 60614 Yes
English Language All programmes W/S Yes
German Language All programmes W/S Yes
English in Air Traffic Traffic and Transport W/S Yes
Aviation English I Aeronautics W/S Yes
Air Traffic Technology Aeronautics W/S 47856 Yes
The Helicopter Theory of Flight Aeronautics W 47857 Yes
Avionics and IFR Flying Aeronautics W 47866 Yes
Airport Operations Aeronautics W/S 172923 Yes
Dynamics and Aircraft Ageing Aeronautics W 172906 Yes
Aircraft Emissions Aeronautics W 74702 Yes
International Transport and Forwarding ITS and Logistics W/S 93754 Yes
Distribution Logistics II ITS and Logistics W 47845 Yes
Railway Vehicles Maintenance Traffic and Transport W 36078 Yes
Ropeway Transport Technology Traffic and Transport W 126049 Yes
Railway Traffic Organizing Traffic and Transport W/S 62818 Yes
Aviation Medicine All programmes W/S 74195 Yes
Simulations of Railway Operations Traffic and Transport W/S 126048 Yes
Railway Traffic Control Traffic and Transport W/S 126047 Yes
Graduation Thesis All programmes W/S 60613 Yes
Final thesis All programmes W/S 36451 Yes

Instructions for selecting courses:

  • Please consult your ECTS coordinator when selecting courses.
  • MSc and BSc designations are descriptive, not a requirement. However, some courses have requirements, so read the descriptions carefully. A teacher may determine that you lack the necessary knowledge and refuse enrolment.
  • Classes will be conducted as tutorials if less than 5 students apply for a course, except language courses.
  • All other courses are available in Croatian – 2018/19 Course list

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