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General Navigation

Department of Aeronautics

Semester: Summer
Study level: BSc
Course code: 63254
Available in 2022/23: No

Course description:
General Navigation is divided into five main areas. The course starts with the form of the Earth examining direction, distance and time, and ends with looking at the latest flight management systems for in-flight navigation. The relationship of the Earth with the Sun is the starting point and a positional reference system is developed which allows us to measure direction, distance and time difference. Charts are the next area covered looking at the Mercator, Lamberts Conical and Polar Stereographic charts in detail. Correct use of aeronautical charts for the accurate establishing of aircraft position is essential for safe navigation. The triangle of velocities is the next area looked at with its solution by navigational computer being closely examined. In-flight navigation is the final area and it includes navigation in the climb and descent, looking at rates of climb/descent, average speeds, and navigation in the cruise with track correction and revision of estimated time of arrival over a point. Compasses and Magnetism are covered in detail in Instruments.

Course teachers:
Doris Novak
Tomislav Radišić
Petar Andraši

Syllabus (pdf)

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