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Railway Freight Transport

Department of Railway Transport

Semester: Winter/Summer
Study level: MSc
Course code: 118252
Available in 2022/23: Yes

Course description:
The course aims to familiarize students with the principles of railway freight transport, the marketing concepts in the transport of goods, to explain the technology and the organization of railway freight transport, to present innovative technologies of railway freight transport, elaborate technological process of working with hardware and explain and apply the statistics of railway transport.
At the end of the course students should:

  1. Define the basic terms in the field of market services in the railway freight transport, describe the mechanisms of marketing functions in traffic and enumerate the types of services in the railway freight transport.
  2. Calculate the total number of tracks and utilization for railway freight transport; size the size of warehouse and the carriage ramp in freight transport. Explain connecting road and rail traffic in the freight transport.
  3. Know how to apply the proper principles in the railway freight transport and solve simple problems set in the railway freight transport.
  4. Analyse the performance of the freight with an emphasis on wagon loads and key customers; make diagrams of the technological process of working with hardware and outline ways of loading/unloading.
  5. Write a proposal for a possible freight transport from the basic elements. Make conclusions based on calculation and select optimal solutions.

Course teachers:
Borna Abramović
Denis Šipuš

Syllabus (pdf)

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