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Dynamics and Aircraft Ageing

Department of Aeronautics

Semester: Winter
Study level: MSc
Course code: 172906
Available in 2022/23: Yes

Course description:
Mechanical loading of aircraft structures: static, dynamic, combined. Thermal loads. The influence of aerodynamic forces on the load of aircraft structure. Fundamentals of mechanical vibrations and mechanism of transmission through the structure of the aircraft. Analytical description of the free and forced vibrations. Damping. Analysis of jitter and resonance in transport vehicles. Dynamic vibration factor and phase shift. Natural frequency of individual airframe assemblies. Adverse events caused by vibrations: flutter, buzz, divergence. Dynamic load on structure induced by propulsion systems and landing gear. Fundamentals of fracture mechanics: fatigue, high cracks. The impact of corrosion and tribochemistry on fatigue and durability of materials in aircraft structures. Optimization of maintenance in order to increase dynamic resistance and decelerate process of ageing. Non-destructive testing. The criterion of critical error. Determination of the marginal load values and the impact on fatigue. Methods to determine and rehabilitate structure after overload.

Course teachers:
Željko Marušić

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