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Aircraft Emissions

Department of Aeronautics

Semester: Winter
Study level: MSc
Course code: 74702
Available in 2020/21: Yes

Course description:
Legal prerequisites and requirements for aircraft construction regarding harmful emissions. Fundamentals of acoustics. Aircraft as a source of noise, airborne and structure-borne noise. Aircraft community noise: ecological aspects, international legislation, noise measuring and monitoring methods, noise mapping. Noise reduction and abatement. Aircraft interior (cabin) noise: noise sources, ergonomic, medicine and safety aspects, acoustical discomfort, physiological and psychological effects of noise on humans. Noise-to-speech interference. Cabin noise reduction and protection. Aircraft gaseous pollutants and their effects on environment. Homologation requirements, design and operational procedures for the reduction of pollutant emission during combustion process. Calculation of pollutant emission rate at the airport by the aircraft type and LTO cycle.

Course teachers:
Tino Bucak
Ernest Bazijanac
Anita Domitrović
Jurica Ivošević
David Gerhardinger

Syllabus (pdf)

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