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Aviation Medicine

Department of Transport Planning

Semester: Winter/Summer
Study level: BSc/MSc
Course code: 74195
Available in 2022/23: Yes

Course description:

The course is devised to provide knowledge and understanding of Aviation traffic injury risks and human factors in Aviation safety. It consists of the following topics: human factors, human performance, human error, prevention of Aviation accidents and health promotion in the transport sector, Protection of the most vulnerable groups, including the elderly and children; Personal risk factors, Risk of injuries, Human behaviour during fire and other kind of emergencies at sky, Effects of environmental factors and atmospheric particles on human health, The most frequently travellers’ diseases, Telemedicine.This digest focuses on human factor issues pertaining to Aviation with the aim of articulating mainly to the fraternity and to the larger aviation community the way forward for human factors vis-a-vis automation in Aviation; Human Factors within Systems are introduced, whilst demonstrating how human performance and safety could be compromised due to inherent limitations in humans.
Learning outcomes will result in students’ perception of Aviation transport and human performance in systems, procedures, equipment in use, and they will also be able to:

  1. Define the basic terms on Aviation traffic accidents and the most important human factors in traffic and transport safety.
  2. Evaluate the effectiveness of certain methods of protection of the most vulnerable group of persons participating in Aviation traffic.
  3. Explain the influence of alcohol, drugs and narcotics on human behaviour during flying.
  4. Define the modalities of human behaviour occurring in the course of different kind of emergencies at sky.
  5. Identify the environmental factors and atmospheric particles on human health, especially on the respiratory tract and separate the methods of protection.
  6. Determine the most frequently encountered diseases among travellers, and explain the ways of transmission (fecal-oral route, by contact or by aerosol) of infective microorganisms.
  7. Evaluate the advantages of telemedicine in Aviation medicine

Course teachers:
Eduard Missoni

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