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Aviation English IV

Department of Aeronautics

Semester: Summer
Study level: BSc
Course code: 75011
Available in 2022/23: Yes

Course description:

Objective of the course:

  • Provide knowledge and information necessary to demonstrate at least Level 4
    according to ICAO English Level Proficiency Testing descriptors.


Learning outcomes:
After the completion of the course the student will be able to:

  1. Use complex grammatical structures (indirect speech, modal verbs, relative and
    temporal sentences) in in Aviation English texts.
  2. Demonstrate the knowledge of Aviation English (vocabulary, terminology and
    grammar) by talking about/presenting a specific topic for 10 minutes in front of the
  3. Analyse ICAO language requirements and communication used in aviation industry
    in the English language.
  4. Differ air traffic control units in English.
  5. Compare the training of pilots and air traffic controllers in English.
  6. Translate precisely from Croatian into English texts on Aviation topics in accordance
    with the ICAO language descriptors, using glossaries and dictionaries (ICAO English
    Language Proficiency Requirements – Level 5)
  7. Use proper terminology and complex grammatical structures when describing and
    analysing helicopter operations, psychological and physiological influence (CRM) of
    a human on aviation operations
  8. Interpret and discuss the themes of the aviation texts alone, in pair or in group in
  9. Write a CV and job application and adapt it to the market requirements in English

Course teachers:
Ivana Francetić
Siniša Prekratić

Syllabus (pdf)

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