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Harmonized Inland Navigation Transport through Education and Information Technology – HINT

Međunarodni projekt/International project

Program/Programme: IPA – Instrument for Pre-Accession Assistance
Trajanje/Duration: 12/2012 – 11/2014
Iznos financiranja/Funding: Nacionalna/regionalna sredstva – 259,006 €, EU sredstva – 1,276,682 €
Ukupna vrijednost projekta/Project value: 1,535,688 €
Uloga fakulteta/Faculty role: Partner
Voditelj/ica projekta na Fakultetu/Faculty coordinator: Natalija Kavran
Web stranice projekta/Project website:

A harmonized approach based on shared European benchmarks in education and training developing key competencies and organisational skills, unifying the education and training system and offering as a result equal opportunities and extensive mobility to nautical labour force in the Danube corridor, thus meeting the prerogatives of the Danube Strategy, the Transport White Paper 2011 – Roadmap to a Single European Transport Area and the objectives of the Danube Commission. Network, harmonization and IT deployment: Fostering of the existing Danube network of education and training, administrative organisations and additional stakeholders working in the field of inland navigation for stimulating exchange and innovation activities in the Danube region. The joint activities cover common working topics ranging from harmonization of education and training in inland navigation along with European initiatives, facilitating egovernment and IT deployment, integrating inland navigation knowledge in transport logistics education and training to the capitalisation of results of the NELI project like the eLearning platform for Danube navigation – IneS Danube. Conception and future large-scale implementation: Conception and implementation planning of transnational Danube-wide strategies for a future “Danube School Ship” and a “Danube Navigation Simulator”, for closing the education and information technology gap with other European regions in the mid-term future. Promotion and awareness building: Promoting and campaigning the topics jobs, skills and employments in the field of Danube navigation via already existing and new established Information and Training Centres inviting stakeholder groups to learn more about the future of Danube navigation, but also through on-the-spot visits for meeting the target group within their daily working and life environment (i.e. at job fairs, in schools, in transport companies).

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