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TRansport And Innovation Logistics By Local Authorities with a Zest for Efficiency and Realisation – Trailblazer

Međunarodni projekt/International project

Program/Programme: IEE – Intelligent Energy Europe
Trajanje/Duration: 30/06/2010 – 30/06/2013
Iznos financiranja/Funding:
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Uloga fakulteta/Faculty role: Podizvođač
Voditelj/ica projekta na Fakultetu/Faculty coordinator: Kristijan Rogić
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TRAILBLAZER aims to showcase existing good practices and promote public sector policy interventions which can bring about a reduction in energy used in urban freight transport. This will be achieved by municipalities, in partnership with their suppliers and the private sector through the implementation of Delivery and Servicing Plans (DSPs). The TRAILBLAZER project is co-funded by the Intelligent Energy Europe (IEE) programme within the Energy Efficient Transport (STEER) stream. The objectives of the project are in line with two IEE Priorities. These are: Promote co-ordination, management, and information mechanisms and motivation to fleet operators, retailers and stakeholders in the freight sector about measures to increase the energy efficiency of fleet operations and driving. Support learning and exchanges between practitioners, employees of regulating and administrative bodies or experts, for example through exchanges of staff (e.g. shadowing an experienced colleague, on the job training by practitioners or internships), audits or networking activities in order to transfer knowledge and experience.

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