CEEPUS – Guidelines for incoming teachers

Before the mobility

Contact your host teacher and the CEEPUS coordinator at the Faculty of Transport and Traffic Sciences to make the final arrangements.

Personal identification number (OIB)
In order to receive the scholarship and open a local bank account, you will need a personal identification number.

Accommodation will be arranged for you in a student dormitory free of charge for the period of the awarded mobility grant (dates stated in the Letter of Award) by the Agency for Mobility and EU Programmes (NCO-HR).
Note: If you are coming with accompanying persons – due to the student dormitory policy non-academic persons cannot be accommodated in the student dormitory during academic year.
To arrange for your accommodation, contact National CEEPUS Office (NCO-HR) – Agency for Mobility and EU Programmes at ceepus@mobilnost.hr If you have other accommodation plans, please inform the Agency when you submit the signed Letter of Acceptance or no later than the 15th of the month prior to your arrival.

Additional info:

During your mobility

Upon arrival, in order to receive your scholarship:

  1. Contact CEEPUS coordinator of the Faculty of Transport and Traffic Sciences.
  2. Open a bank account at a Croatian bank – giro bank account (hrv. žiro račun) starting with the number 31, or a current account (hrv. tekući račun) starting with the number 32. To open your bank account, you must have a personal identification number (OIB). Note: Make sure you close the bank account before departing for your home country.
  3. After you obtained everything send to mobility@fpz.hr as soon as possible your:
    1. personal identification number (OIB),
    2. account information (IBAN and SWIFT) and
    3. home address.

It usually takes a few days after you give the account details to the host institution to get the scholarship funds, thus we recommend that you secure sufficient funds to cover your needs for at least first few days of your stay in Croatia.

CEEPUS Teacher Reports NCO-HR (pdf) – at each lecture you are obliged to collect students’ signatures using a List of Attendance. If you are a student supervisor, you should fill out and sign the Supervision Report, which should be co-signed by the student. All reports should be signed and by the host CEEPUS coordinator. Submit all filled-out reports to the CEEPUS coordinator at Faculty of Transport and Traffic Sciences at the end of your stay.

CEEPUS Prolongation form (doc)- (NCO-HR)

End of the mobility

  1. Fill in the Mobility Report and the Letter of Confirmation at www.ceepus.info online.
  2. After completing the forms above, submit all filled-out teacher reports to the local CEEPUS coordinator. The coordinator will then check and verify all reports in the CEEPUS system and print, sign and stamp the documents.
  3. Upload signed and stamped documents at www.ceepus.info
  4. E-mail the uploaded Mobility Report and Letter of Confirmation to the host teacher at the Faculty of Transport and Traffic Sciences
  5. Close the bank account at a Croatian bank before departing to avoid any account management fees.

Host teacher at the Faculty of Transport and Traffic Sciences should then enter the mobility information in the University of Zagreb database

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