Current position and functions:

Associate Professional


Academic Social Networks

Education and training:

2009. – Cisco Certified Network Associate

NetAkademija & University of Zagreb

2009. –

Faculty of Transport and Traffic Sciences, University of Zagreb

2001. – Technician for computing

Technical school of Ruđer Bošković, Zagreb

2000. – Mechanic of electronics

Technical School, Zagreb


Undergraduate studies (Assistant):

Telemetics Systems Maintainance

Terminal eqipment

Graduate studies (Assistant):

Queuing Systems

Simulations in Traffic

Assistive Technology in Traffic System

Work expirience:

2019.  Associate Professional

Faculty of Transport and Traffic Sciences, University of Zagreb

2009. Assistant

Faculty of Transport and Traffic Sciences, University of Zagreb

2008. – 2009. Student assistant

Faculty of Transport and Traffic Sciences, University of Zagreb

2005. – 2007. Referent

Privredna banka Zagreb Plc., Zagreb

2001. – 2002. Computer technician

SMT spektar Ltd., Velika Gorica
2001. Trainee

Privredna banka Zagreb Plc., Zagreb

1997. – 2000. Practitioner

Mikel elektronik Ltd., Velika Gorica

Technical skills and awards:

Certificate from Cisco Networking Academy®, Microsoft Office™, Adobe™ programski paket (Illustrator™, Photosop™, Premiere™, After Effects™), J2ME™, Visual C#™.

2006. Rector's Award for the work: "Interactive Application for Informing Students in Real Time via Mobile Terminal Devices"

Fields of interest:

Website development, creating information communication application solutions and services, implementation and development of GIS modules, implementation and development of LBS system modules, use of GNSS components for the purpose of traffic studies, advanced knowledge of electronic components, computer and mobile terminal devices, issues of terminal and mobile terminal equipment, safety in appliance and forensic analysis of terminal devices, telematics systems maintenance, reliability of information and communications systems, information and communication technologies, services and technologies based on the location of the user, simulation processes within the information and communication traffic, development and exploitation of assistive technologies in traffic

Science and practice activity:


2014. Research of Possibilities on Applying the IoT Concept to Improve the Safety Movement of Blind and Visually Impaired Persons along the Traffic Network (Project Associate)

2013. – 2014. Information and Communication Services for the Movement along the Traffic Network by the Persons of Reduced and Difficult Mobility (Project Associate)

Scientific Papers and Journal articles:

The author and co-author of more than 30 scientific papers in journals and proceedings of international conferences.

Important works:

1. Jovović, Ivan; Peraković, Dragan; Husnjak, Siniša.
The Impact of Using Modern Information and Communication Equipment and Services on Driving Safety. // Promet - Traffic & Transportation. 30 (2018) , 5; 635-645.

2. Peraković, Dragan; Grgurević, Ivan; Šarić, Željko; Forenbacher, Ivan; Husnjak, Siniša; Jovović, Ivan; Cvitić, Ivan; Kordić, Gordana; Sente, Rosana Elizabeta; Zorić, Petra.
Using mobile devices while driving in Croatia – preliminary analysis // Proceedings of The 5th International Virtual Research Conference in Technical Disciplines (RCITD-2017) / Mokrys, Michal ; Badura, Stefan ; Peraković, Dragan (ed.), Zilina, Slovak Republic : EDIS - Publishing Institution of the University of Zilina, 2017. 56-61.

3. Husnjak, Siniša; Peraković, Dragan; Forenbacher, Ivan; Jovović, Ivan.
Identification and Prediction of User Behavior Depending on the Context of the Use of Smart Mobile Devices // Proceedings of the 26th DAAAM International Symposium / B. Katalinic (ed.), Vienna, Austria : DAAAM International, 2016. 0462-0469.

4. Jovović, Ivan; Forenbacher, Ivan; Periša, Marko.
Massive Machine-Type Communications: An Overview and Perspectives Towards 5G // RCITD - Proceedings in Research Conference in Technical Disciplines 2015 / Mokrys, Michal ; Badura, Stefan (ed.), Zilina : EDIS - Publishing Institution of the University of Zilina, 2015. 32-37.

5. Peraković, Dragan; Jovović, Ivan; Sobota, Darko.
The model of system for marketing promotion based on user location // Proceedings in Conference of Informatics and Management Sciences / Ing. Michal Mokrys ; Ing. Stefan Badura, Ph.D. (ed.), Zilina : EDIS - Publishing Institution of the University of Žilina, 2015.

6. Husnjak, Siniša; Peraković, Dragan; Jovović, Ivan.
Possibilities of Using Speech Recognition Systems of Smart Terminal Devices in Traffic Environment. // Procedia Engineering. 69 (2014) ; 778-787.

7. Periša, Marko; Jovović, Ivan; Forenbacher, Ivan.
A Conceptual Applicative Solution for Helping People with Reduced Mobility // RCITD 2014 Proceedings in Research Conference In Technical Disciplines / Ing. Michal Mokrys ; Ing. Stefan Badura, Ph.D. (ed.). Zilina : EDIS - Publishing Institution of the University of Zilina, 2014. 82-85.

8. Peraković, Dragan; Jovović, Ivan; Magušić, Radmila.
An Influence Study of the Use of Modern Communication Equipment on Traffic Safety // Conference Proceedings of 15th International Conference on Transport Science ICTS 2012 / Zanne, Marina ; Bajec, Patricija (ed.). Portorož : Uneversity of Ljubljana, Faculty of Maritime Studies and Transport, 2012. 1-10.

9. Peraković, Dragan; Remenar, Vladimir; Jovović, Ivan.
XaaS Services as Modern Infrastructure of ITS in the Republic of Croatia // Proceedings of 19th ITS World Congress Vienna, Vienna, 2012. 1-8.

10. Peraković, Dragan; Remenar, Vladimir; Jovović, Ivan.
Modelling of System for Transport and Traffic Information Management in Republic of Croatia // Cutting Edge Research in New Technologies / Volosencu, Constantin (ed.), Rijeka : InTech, 2012. Str. 305-326

11. Peraković, Dragan; Remenar, Vladimir; Jovović, Ivan.
Model of the New LMS Generation with User-Created Content // New Trends in Technologies: Devices, Computer, Communication and Industrial Systems / Meng Joo Er (ed.), Rijeka : Sciyo, 2010. Str. 179-196.

12. Peraković, Dragan; Jovović, Ivan; Forenbacher, Ivan.
Analysis of the Possibilities and Effects of Implementing Interactive Application for Mobile Terminal Devices in m- Learning System at the Faculty of Transport and Traffic Sciences // Proceedings of the ITI 2009 31stInternational Conference on Information Technology Interfaces / Luzar-Stiffler, Vesna ; Jarec, Iva ; Bekic, Zoran (ed.), Zagreb : SRCE, University of Zagreb, University Computing Centre, 2009. 27-28.

13. Forenbacher, Ivan; Jovović, Ivan.
Interactive applications for real-time informing students via mobile terminal devices // University of Zagreb, Work Receives Rector Award for Academic Year 2005/2006, Zagreb, 2006

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