The professional work of the Department of Information and Communications Traffic and related laboratories consists of various business segments - expert opinions, consulting and expert projects in the field of information and communication traffic.

The Department has conducted several expert testimonies in court cases in cooperation with the Department of Traffic Technical Expertise. A significant area of ​​activity is reflected in the development of application systems, where new possibilities of application of modern information and communication technologies, security and information - communication systems are actively explored.


The following applications are standing out from so far developed software solutions:

  • SAN system - system of authorization and supervision
  • e-Student system - e-Learning System of the Faculty of Transport and Traffic Sciences
  • DMS system - system for process and document management of the Faculty of Transport and Traffic Sciences
  • CRM system - customer relationship management system using SMS
  • FPZmobile system - Java application for real-time informing of students using mobile terminal devices
  • mobileGPS system - system of global positioning and tracking using mobile terminal devices

The projects:

2019. - 2020.

Studija implementacije sustava informiranja putnika na željezničkoj mreži


IT support for organizational climate testing

2017. - 2018.

The impact of mobile device usage on drivers' behavior


Harmonized Development of the Postal Sector in the Republic of Croatia


The Establishment of a System of Indicators to Evaluate the Development of Postal Services


Strategy for Sustainable Development of the Universal Postal Service


Strategic Study of the Croatian Post