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The Department of Aeronautics received a new doctor of science

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On Thursday, October 1, 2020, a candidate Bruno Antulov-Fantulin,, defended his doctoral dissertation titled: Air Traffic Complexity Model based on Air Traffic Controller Tasks. The doctoral thesis was written and defended in English and was held online via Microsoft Teams. Alongside the University of Zagreb members, there were guests from the foreign universities, such as ETH Zurich, Eskisehir Technical University, and the University of Belgrade. Beside the guests from various universities, members from different industries attended as well, such as local air navigation service providers, Thales, and the director of NASA Aeronautics Research Institute (NARI), Mr. Parimal Kopardekar, Ph.D.

The doctoral defense council consisted of assistant professor Tomislav Radišić, Ph.D. (chairman), associate professor Biljana Juričić, Ph.D. (supervisor), and associate professor Cem Cetek, Ph.D. (member), who have graded the doctoral thesis defense with summa cum laude.

The thesis resulted in the first official patent application of the Faculty of Transport and Traffic Sciences, University of Zagreb and it is the first model that could easily be implemented for the operational purposes. Moreover, this is a great scientific contribution and a step forward in the complexity assessment calculations that the Department of Aeronautics has achieved.


SESAR PJ.09-W2 Digital Network Management Services Kick-off Meeting

Representatives of PJ.09-W2 DNMS Consortium Members

Representatives of PJ.09-W2 DNMS Consortium Members

At EUROCONTROL headquarters in Brussels, on 16th of January 2020, 35 participants representing 22 organisations have contributed to a successful kick-off of a SESAR PJ.09-W2 Digital Network Management Services project focused on achieving final maturity phase of the following R&D topics:

– Improved air traffic prediction & shared complexity representation;

– Dynamic airspace configuration concept;

– Collaborative network performance management and network resilience concept.

Faculty of Transport and Traffic Sciences will work closely with Croatia Control Ltd. to achieve improved and shared Local and Regional air traffic intelligence leading towards better use of airspace capacity & ATCO productivity, less delays, higher predictability and better quality of service for Airspace users and passengers.


Award ceremony at the Department of aeronautics


On December 10, 2019, Department of Aeronautics, Univerity of Zagreb held an award ceremony to show appreciation and gratitude to the associates from aviation industry that contributed to the new work of the Department by being involved in the scientific research, projects and classes.

A special appreciation letter was given to our first head of Department, prof. Ernest Bazijanc.

Prof. Doris Novak giving speach

Prof. Doris Novak giving a speech and thanking all the guests for their contribution to the Department

Prof. Ernest Bazijanac reciving a special letter of apritiation

Prof. Ernest Bazijanac, the first head of Department receiving a special letter of appreciation

Department of Aeronautics at COOPANS Improvement Group (CIG) meeting in Stockholm

Department of Aeronautics (ZAN) of the Faculty of Transport and Traffic Sciences participated at the COOPANS Improvement Group (CIG) meeting in Stockholm on October 8th, 2019. CIG gathers representatives of air navigation service providers of six countries: Croatia, Austria, Denmark, Portugal, Ireland and Sweden. ZAN was represented by Assistant Professor Tomislav Radišić, teaching assistant Bruno Antulov-Fantulin and Associate Professor Biljana Juričić.

The main objective of the meeting was to define a basis for the future project of the development of predictive air traffic complexity and air traffic controller workload models.

The next CIG Group meeting and the further project preparation will be held in Zagreb in February 2020.

Tomislav Radišić gave a short presentation of the previous research and the issues regarding air traffic complexity and its impact on air traffic controller workload and airspace capacity.

Tomislav Radišić gave a short presentation of the previous research and the issues regarding air traffic complexity and its impact on air traffic controller workload and airspace capacity.

Bruno Antulov-Fantulin presented the achievements of his on-going PhD research which deals with the development of new air traffic complexity model based on air traffic controller tasks.

Bruno Antulov-Fantulin presented air traffic complexity models.

KAAT project Steering Committee 4 and International Conference

According to Knowledge Alliance in Air Transport (KAAT) project schedule, the 4th Steering Committee was held in Rome, Italy from 9th to 10th October 2019. The results of work package 5 were presented by Prof. Steliana Toma (UPB) and Prof. Doris Novak (UNIZG) in form of the Methodology for SQF and recognition of prior learning and work experience. Also, analysis of interim report was conducted as well as finalization of gap assessment and improvement of study programmes.

Croatian KAAT team at the Conference (from left to right): Marin Pušić (Croatia Airlines), Teo Bratinčević (Croatia Control), Kristijana Malić (Croatia Airlines), Bojana Šobat (Croatia Control), Ana Dlesk (Croatia Airlines), and Doris Novak (UNIZG)

Croatian KAAT team at the Conference (from left to right): Marin Pašić (Croatia Airlines), Teo Bratinčević (Croatia Control), Kristijana Malić (Croatia Airlines), Bojana Šobat (Croatia Control), Ana Dlesk (Croatia Airlines), and Doris Novak (UNIZG)

The International Conference “Air Transport Qualifications in the XXI Century” was held on 11th October 2019 with the agenda on future challenges, occupations and qualifications for the air transport sector. Upcoming changes and key technological transformations that will have an impact on current and future occupations and qualifications was presented, as well as new technological tools in the provision of training, learning needs of future generations, aligning curricula to the new needs of an evolving labor market.

ATS and ASM User Forum at the Department of Aeronautics

The Department of Aeronautics hosted an Air Traffic Services (ATS) and Airspace Management (ASM) Operational Services Forum at the Borongaj Science and Education Campus on Wednesday 12th June 2019. The Forum was organized by the Croatia Control Ltd with objective to provide regular consultations with airspace users.

The forum was attended by representatives of air alliances, aero clubs, the Croatian Unmanned Systems Association, Croatian Civil Aviation Agency, Faculty of Transport and Traffic Sciences, Ministry of Defence, Ministry of the Interior, Croatian Air Force, Croatian Mountain Rescue Service, Croatian Firefighting Association, gliders, UAS operators, VFR pilots, and others..

This is the third such forum that is being organized at our Department within the framework of the Agreement on Scientific and Technical Cooperation. In this way, it recognizes the importance of the academic community and we are pleased that our institution becomes the center for the aviation community in the Republic of Croatia.

In addition, the Department of Aeronautics has actively participated in the discussions at the Forum with a presentation provided by flight instructor and teaching assistant Petar Andraši on topic of training flights of student pilots in the Croatian Aviation Training Center.

More information is available on

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9th generation of candidates finished Basic ATCO Training at HUSK

HUSK provided the basic air traffic controller training course for Croatia Control Ltd. candidates that started on 28th of May 2018 and lasted for 17 weeks with the summer pauze of 4 weeks. This was the 9th generation of candidates who have successfully completed the training: Tomislav Bedeković, Mislav Biličić, Ivan Forjan, Filip Jakšić, Iva Jurjević, Sara Majić, Rajna Dika Mičić, Erica Oreški, Božo Rubelj, Ivan Stanić.
The candidates completed 9 theoretical courses and practical simulator training with aerodrome, approach and area control simulator exercises, on the MicroNav BEST radar simulator.
The course finished on 18th of October 2018 when the candidates were awarded the Basic Air Traffic Controller Licence Certificates. During the certificate award ceremony, representatives of the Croatia Control ltd., Mrs. Jadranka Majić and Mr. Ivica Pivić, gave a short speech and information about further rating training that will be continued in Italy (ENAV Academy). The ceremony was hosted by Associate professor Biljana Juričić, Head of training, and Associate professor Anita Domitrović, Quality and safety manager at HUSK. The following instructors were also present at the ceremony: Zoran Jakšić, Željko Oreški, Ivana Francetić and Doris Novak.

Signed Cooperation Agreement on European Project in Aviation

On 3rd October 2018 Prof. Tomislav Josip Mlinarić, PhD, the dean of the Faculty of Transport and Traffic Sciences, Vlado Bagarić, the director general of Croatia Control Ltd., Jasmin Bajić, the president and the CEO of Croatia Airlines and Ivica Grebenar, the CEO of Aeronautical Technical Centre J.S.C. signed a Cooperation agreement on European scientific and research project in the field of aviation at the Faculty of Traffic Sciences.

Signing of Cooperation Agreement between Croatian Partners

Signing of Cooperation Agreement between Croatian Partners


This is the first time that Croatian market leader companies from aviation industry actively cooperate with the scientific community and take part in a major European project that aims to improve and promote innovation in higher education.

Air transportation industry requires constant modernisation of current and development of new jobs that are performed by highly qualified workers with multidisciplinary knowledge and skills. The partners from six EU countries are involved in this project to mutually develop a new study programme and innovative curricula as well as to develop a joint international study program. This study program will introduce innovative approaches to teaching and learning, and will help in establishing a strong cooperation between the scientific community and the aviation industry.

Knowledge Alliance in Air Transport (KAAT) project is a part of ERASMUS+ Programme Key Action 2 (Cooperation for innovation and the exchange of good practices). It aims to improve European innovation capacities and encourage innovation in higher education. The project coordinator is the University Politehnica of Bucharest and toghether with the partners from Croatia, the companies and universities from Portugal, France, Italy, Slovakia and Romania are involved in the project (altogether 6 universities and 17 companies from aviation industry). The KAAT project started on 1st January 2018 and will last for 36 months. The value of the project is 1 million Euros. Project coordinator for Croatian partners participating in the KAAT project is Prof. Doris Novak.

The KAAT project supports the development of a joint international study program that will be in line with the changing demands of the society and the economy, taking into account the needs and requirements of the labour market in aviation field and in that way enhance employability, self-employability and entrepreneurship. In addition, this study program will be tailored to the needs of the labour market and in accordance with the Croatian Qualification Framework that sets national occupational standards and qualifications. It will also improve and strengthen cooperation with other national and international institutions and organizations in the field of aviation.


The air traffic controller Practical Instructor training was held in Croatia for the first time during last weeks. The training was organized and provided by HUSK (Croatian Air Traffic Control Training Centre) according to the Synthetic Training Device Instructor (STDI) Training Course approved by Croatian Civil Aviation Agency in accordance to the EU REG 2015/340.

ATCOs that successfully finished the first STDI training course are:  Hrvoje Pavić, Željko Oreški, Igor Roščak and Marin Andrijašević. After successfully finishing STDI training course they have acquired prerequisite to become STDI instructors and gain STDI endorsement in ATCO licence. STDI endorsement enables them to provide practical training during all phases of ATCO training before the beginning of the on-the-job-training (OJT). HUSK’s qualified theoretical and OJT instructors and assessors participated in the provision of STDI training.


New STDI instructors Hrvoje Pavić and Željko Oreški with HUSK representatives Assist. Prof. Anita Domitrović (Quality and Safety Manager in HUSK), Assist. Prof Biljana Juričić (Head of Training in HUSK) and teaching assistant Bruno Antulov-Fantulin (SIM specialist in HUSK)


New STDI instructors Marin Andrijašević, Igor Roščak and Hrvoje Pavić with HUSK representatives Assist. Prof. Biljana Juričić (Head of Training in HUSK), teaching assistant Bruno Antulov-Fantulin (SIM specialist in HUSK) and Zoran Jakšić (OJTI/Assessor in HUSK)

Representatives of HUSK and HZNS on the meeting with the Executive Director of EASA

Mr. Patrick Ky, Executive Director of EASA (European Agency for Aviation Safety Agency) spent two days in Croatia in a working visit. On the October 28 Croatian Civil Aviation Agency (CCAA) organized a meeting where Mr. Ky met the leaders and representatives of the Croatian aviation industry (CCAA, Ministry of Sea, Transport and Infrastructure, major Croatian airports, Croatia Airlines, Croatia Control ltd. as well as HUSK and HZNS as training organizations of the Faculty of Transport and Traffic Sciences).

Executive Director of EASA introduced participants to new trends in international civil aviation, current and future regulation requirements in safety and security, the priorities of EASA in the future and the role and importance of Croatian aviation authorities and stakeholders in Europe.

Representatives of HUSK (Assistant Professor Biljana Juričić, Head of Training) and HZNS (Mr. Izidor Alfirević, Accountable Manager) actively participated during the meeting. They introduced Mr. Ky to the activities of HUSK and HZNS and gave constructive comments on safety regulation requirements.


 Mr. Izidor Alfirević and Ass. Prof. Biljana Juričić on the meeting with Mr. P. Ky, the Executive Director of EASA