Laboratory for Aircraft Emissions

Katalog laboratorijske opreme

Title:Sound Analyser nor140
Manufacturer:Norsonic, Lierskogen, Norway
Serial number:1405174
Description:Equipment also includes: DC 12V power supply, 4 AA batteries, airplane connector, low frequency GRAS microphone – nor1251, acoustic calibrator, installation CD, USB interface cable, wind protector, instruction manual and carrying case.
Technical characteristics:Complies with: IEC 61672-1:2002 class 1, IEC 60651 type 1, IEC 60804 type 1, IEC 61260 class 1, ANSI S1.4-1983 class 1, ANSI S1.43-1997 class 1 i ANSI S1.11-2004 class 1
Purpose:The equipment is used for global and profile measurement of sound pressure. It is possible to measure, store and analyze a range of acoustic parameters. Analyser uses octave and one-third octave filters and can parallel measure and count a large number of acoustics parameters with 3 different time constants.
Sound analyser nor 140 and equipment
Title:Audiometer Bell Plus HDA280
Manufacturer:Inventis sri, Padova, Italy
Serial number:AU1DB1210074F
Description:Equipment also includes: Earphones HDA-280, B71 bone vibrator, patient signal switch, USB interface cable, protective holster, DC 6V power supply, instructions for use (Croatian and English) and installation CD.
Technical characteristics:Classification: Type 3 (EN 60645-1/ANSI S3.6) Safety: EN 60601-1, klasa 1 tip BF EMC: EN 60601-1-2
Purpose:The equipment is used to determine the characteristics of air and bone conduction of respondents in decade frequency band and determining the degree of traumatic hearing loss. The internal memory can store up to 100 entries.
Audiometer Bell Plus
Title:Sound Level Meter PCE-322A
Manufacturer:PCE Instruments UK Ltd., Southampton, UK
Serial number:11123800
Description:Equipment also includes: DC 9V power supply, battery, telescopic tripod, installation CD, USB interface cable, screwdriver, wind protector, instruction manual and carrying case.
Technical characteristics:Complies with: IEC61672-1 class 2 Accuracy: 1,4 dB Frequency range: 31,5 kHz – 8 kHz
Purpose:The equipment is used for Sound Pressure Level (SPL) measurement with A or C frequency weighting and two different time constants: fast (125 ms) and slow (1s). Discreet sound recording with sampling frequency of 1-59 Hz, storing recorded samples in the internal memory, monitoring and PC-post processing is also possible.
Sound Level Meter PCE-322A
Title:Logging Personal Noise Dose Meter PCE – 355
Manufacturer:PCE Instruments UK Ltd., Southampton, UK
Serial number:130807840
Description:Noise dosimeter is a instrument that is used for measuring the percentage of accumulated noise dose of man at work.
Technical characteristics:Measurement Range: 0.01 – 9999 % dose. Criterion Level: 80, 84, 84, ili 90 dB. Exchange Rate: 3, 4, 5 ili 6 dB. Measuring Range of Sound Level: 70 – 140 dBA. Accuracy: +/- 1.5 dB.
Purpose:The equipment is used for determining the influence of interior aircraft noise on pilot performance.
Noise Dosimeter PCE-355
Title:Portable Audio System Lenco PA-81
Manufacturer:Lenco Ltd., Venlo, Nizozemska
Serial number:3671059500055
Description:Lenco PA-81 is a 70 watts (RMS) output power portable audio system with an integrated rechargeable battery.
Technical characteristics:Ports: USB port, SD card reader, AUX output, MIC. Dimensions: 349 x 275 x 507 mm (ŠxDxV). Weight: 12,3 kg.
Purpose:The equipment is used for external measurements of the Laboratory for Aircraft Emissions. Some of the purposes are: the measurement of the impulse response of closed spaces (eg. the cabin of the aircraft) or acoustic simulation (eg. aircraft noise) in laboratory studies.
Portable Audio System Lenco PA-81
Title:Microphone ECM800
Manufacturer:Behringer, Germany
Serial number:D1106243118
Description:Equipment with microphone includes: Klotz connection cables (3 m and 10 m long), swivel stand mount, wind protector and carrying case.
Technical characteristics:Type: elec. condenser Polar characteristic: omnidirectional Sensitivity: -60 dB Frequency range: 15 Hz – 20 kHz Mass: 120 g
Purpose:The equipment is used to measure the changes in sound pressure. Recording is possible also in combination with other devices.
Microphone ECM800
Title:Headphones SHURE SRH440
Manufacturer:Shure Europe, Helibronn, Germany
Serial number:2012.
Description:Equipment also includes: detachable cable, threaded 6.3 mm gold-plated adapter, carrying bag.
Technical characteristics:Sensitivity (1kHz): 105 dB/mW Max. Input Power (1kHz): 500 mW Frequency range: 10 Hz – 22 kHz Mass: 311 g
Purpose:The equipment is used for sound monitoring and can be used as a noise protection device.
Title:Exterior Sound Card C400
Manufacturer:M-AUDIO, Cumberland, USA
Serial number:7180-30238-00
Description:Equipment also includes: Pro Tools SE software DVD, drivers and documentation CD, USB interface cable.
Technical characteristics:Complies with: ICES-003
Purpose:The equipment is used for sound processing.
Title:DAQPad – 6070E
Manufacturer:National Instruments, Austin, Texas, USA
Serial number:DF7286
Description:Equipment also includes: Charger for DAQPad – 6070, battery and battery charger for DAQPad – 6070, Instruction manual, software and installation CDs, firewire cables, temperature sensor, LabView user manuals and training seminars on CD, LabView software: installation CDs.
Technical characteristics:Operating system: WinXP or older, Software: LabView 7.1 16 inputs, 1,25 MS/s
Purpose:The equipment is used for the measurement of electrical/ physical phenomena and computer-based data acquisition.
Title:DC Regulated Power Supply HY3020E
Serial number:395237
Description:DC Regulated Power Supply HY3020E is very stable, regulated DC power supply allowing continuous adjustment of both the output voltage and output current levels. It allows parameter monitoring on 2 LED displays.
Technical characteristics:Output DC Voltage Range: 0 – 30 V, Output DC Current Range: 0 – 20 A, Voltage indication accuracy: 1 %, Current indication accuracy: 2 %, Working environment: 0 – 40 °C, < 90 % relative humidity.
Purpose:The equipment is used for generating of stable DC voltage.
DC Regulated Power Supply HY3020E
Title:Air Compressor NUAIR
Manufacturer:NUAIR, Italija
Serial number:2014.
Description:Portable air compressor without expansion vessel.
Technical characteristics:Power supply: 230 V, 50 Hz, Rated power: 1100 W, Max. pressure: 8 bar, Mass: 6,5 kg, Dimensions: 470*120*335 mm
Purpose:The equipment is used to drive gyroscopic aircraft instruments in laboratory practice tasks.
Air Compressor NUAIR

Integrated Noise Model – A computer model for evaluation of aircraft noise impacts in the vicinity of airports

ATAC (Aviation Analysis Experts), VNTSC (Volpe National Transportation Systems Center) i FAA (Federal Aviation Administration), USA
Licence type and numberEducational – permanent
Price of licencePaid – no aditional fees
License expiration dateUnlimited
PurposeThe Integrated Noise Model (INM) is a computer model that evaluates aircraft noise impacts in the vicinity of airports. The INM can output either noise contours for an area or noise level at pre-selected locations. The noise output can be either exposure-based, maximum-level-based, or time-based. The INM has many analytical uses, such as: Assessing current aircraft noise impacts around a given airport or heliport;Assessing changes in noise impact resulting from new or extended runways or runway configurations;Assessing changes in noise impact resulting from new traffic demand and fleet mix;Evaluating noise impacts from new operational procedures;Evaluating noise impacts from aircraft operations in and around National Parks.

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