Laboratory for Testing in Aeronautical Engineering

Currently in the process of obtaining the authorization of a project organization for supervision, certification, and professional assistance for construction, testing, renovation, modification, and repair of aircraft for which Regulation (EU) 2018/1139 does not apply. Projects from the above scope are in perspective.


– Support in aircraft construction;

– Monitoring the compliance of the aircraft with the aircraft construction plans and / or the original aircraft type, as well as the existing changes to the aircraft;

– Monitoring the compliance of aircraft with selected airworthiness requirements;

– Providing professional assistance or making plans for aircraft construction, aircraft work diaries, aircraft test programs, and test reports, flight instructions and aircraft maintenance, proposed restrictions on the use of aircraft and aircraft maintenance programs;

– Determination of mechanical integrity of aircraft construction by FEM analysis;

– Modeling of aircraft parts (wing, fuselage, landing gear) and simulation testing;

– Examination of the mechanical integrity of the aircraft structure by physical tests;

– Determining the remaining service life, forecasting the technical condition of the aircraft in the design and operation phase of the aircraft;

– Preparation and / or verification of documentation for the execution of modifications to the aircraft;

– Evaluation of the conformity of construction, maintenance, modifications, and damage to the aircraft;

– Preparation and / or verification of documentation for the evaluation and evaluation of damage and execution of aircraft repairs

Scientific work: 

– Application of scientific research work on specific problems;

– Dissemination of research results through scientific papers,

– Acquisition of conditions for the application of scientific projects.

Equipment (existing)

CAD tools – educational licenses (available to anyone with an AAIed account)

  • “Ansys Workbench 2020 R2”
  • “Autodesk Fusion 360”
  • “Autodesk CFD 2019”
  • “Autodesk Inventor 2019”