Monthly Archives: February 2016

Elementary school students from Jastrebarsko in visit


On 29 January 2016, group of current and former elementary school “Ljubo Babić” students from Jastrebarsko with their teacher Irena Peruš came to visit Aerodynamic Laboratory at Faculty of Transport and Traffic Sciences. They were interested into wind tunnel operational possibilities and background physics for lift creation since they also made their own wind tunnel and won the 3rd prize on national competition in physics this year in Trogir. At the Aerodynamic Laboratory, students from Jastrebarsko met master diploma students of Aeronautics who showed them flight possibilities of their octacopter drone and 3D printer used for making some of the drone parts.
During the stay students also visited Laboratory for Control of Air Navigation where they saw BEST radar simulator used for air traffic controller training and for scientific research and Laboratory for Modelling and Simulation of Railway Systems.