Flight Training Courses

Presently, organisation has a certificate for:

  • integrated training program ATP(A),
  • FI(A) training program,
  • FI(A) / IRI(A)  refresher seminar,
  • MCC(A) modular training program,
  • MEP(A) modular training program,
  • refresher class rating course – MEP(A),
  • refresher class rating course - SEP(A) and
  • refresher class rating course - IR(A).

ATPL(A) “Frozen Theory”, CPL(A)/IR/MEPL course
The Course is intended for candidates that want to be trained “ab initio” to the level that allows them to be employed by an airline. The Course includes 750 hours of theoretical training to the level of theoretical knowledge of ATPL(A) (“frozen theory”). The theoretical part of the Course is performed at the Aeronautical department of the Faculty of Transport and Traffic Sciences, a part of The University of Zagreb and composed of lectures, distance learning and individual study. The performance of each candidate is monitored constantly and the dynamics of the teaching process are adjusted accordingly.

The practical part of the Course is performed in Croatian Aviation Training Center (CATC) at Lučko airport. It is made up of 146 hours of flying SE and ME airplanes and 40 hours on FNPT II. The whole course is planed to last 18 months. Upon completion of training the candidate is eligible to sign up for exams with the CCAA. Upon successful completion of the exams with the CCAA, the candidate is issued a CPL(A)/IR/MEPL with ATPL(A) “frozen theory”.

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