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Capt David Moskoff in a visit to the Faculty of Transport and Traffic Sciences in Zagreb


The Faculty of Transport and Traffic Sciences was privileged to host Capt David Moskoff, the Professor of Marine Transportation at the US Merchant Marine Academy, and Mrs. Moskoff on 12th May 2016.

The Professor and Mrs. Moskoff were hosted by the Dean of the Faculty Professor Hrvoje Gold, Assistant Professor Biljana Juričić on behalf of Department of Aeronautics, Professor Kristijan Rogić on behalf of Department of Transport Logistics and Professor Natalija Jolić on behalf of Department of Water Transport.

Assistant Professor Biljana Juričić showed the guests Laboratory for Control of Air Navigation and BEST radar simulator. She explained how the simulator works and gave an insight into the teaching and research life of the Department. She also gave same examples of the skills and techniques the students have to master during their studies, such as navigation techniques, air traffic management skills and techniques, communication radiotelephony skills, etc. Professor David Moskoff and Assistant Professor Biljana Juričić discussed on the simaliraties and differences in the aeronautical and marine fields. They mutualy agreed there are many topics and areas which are similar and therefore meeting points of a further cooperation.

As Professor Moskoff’s teaching and research interests are Bridge Resource Management, Marine Simulation and Experiential Learning, Electronic Navigation, GPS/GNSS, ECDIS, Maritime Security, and Port Safety and Law Enforcement Activities, he expressed a great interest for the research and teaching activities of the Department and for continuation of cooperation.


Education of HUSK instructors


An educational workshop was held at the Croatian Air Traffic Control Training Centre (HUSK) on May 2nd, 2016. The workshop was conducted by assistant professor Biljana Juričić, PhD, the Head of Training at HUSK. She explained that the new European Regulation (EU REG 2015/340) for the training of air traffic controllers came into force on June 30th, 2015 and that all HUSK training plans and programmes are EU REG 2015/340 compliant although Croatian Civil Aviation Agency is using the derogation of the Regulation. The following HUSK plans and programmes are now in use: Basic ATCO Training Plan and Program – Undergraduate Study, Basic ATCO Training Plan and Program – Training Course, Basic ATCO Training Plan and Program – Conversion). Prof. Juričić presented differences between the old and the new air traffic controller’s plans and programmes, as well as the changes in quality and safety management of HUSK.

She also presented the new Synthetic Training Device Instructor Training Course which will be used for the instructor training during this year. The most of the certified HUSK instructors (employees of the Faculty of Transport and Traffic Sciences, associates from Croatia Contol ltd. and from Meteorological and Hydrological Service) attended the educational workshop.


Visit to the Laboratory for Remote Sensing and GIS

On 28 April 2016 graduate students of the Department of Aeronautics, led by the teachers, Tomislav Radišić and Jurica Ivošević, visited the Laboratory for Remote Sensing and GIS of the Faculty of Forestry, University of Zagreb. The visit came at the invitation of the Head of the Laboratory and vice dean of the Faculty, Professor Renata Pernar, who was, together with her team, a very cordial host.


The visit, held in a constructive and friendly atmosphere, was divided into two parts. First part was the presentation of interesting projects which use remote sensing technology in the field of forestry. In the second part of the visit students were introduced to practical examples of analogue and digital image processing. Both parts are very important for understanding the practical uses of theoretical knowledge acquired at Airborne Reconnaissance and Surveillance course and later at Unmanned Aerial Vehicles Operations course.


We hope to continue cooperation in the coming years.