Industry and academina in cooperation at the Department of Aeronautics

Continuing with good cooperation with the industry, representatives of Croatia Airlines held a meeting with undergraduate students (commercial pilot module) on Wednesday June 8 at the Department of Aeronautics. Meeting was initiated by capt. Josip Grgec, Director of Operations, accompanied by capt. Tomo Hubak (Dash Q400) and f/o Nikica Klasić (A319/320). All of them are alumni of our Faculty. Capt. Grgec explained the need for educated pilots at the company, possibilities for professional development, and relayed his observations on pilot’s market worldwide. Capt. Hubak and f/o Klasić told their stories and personal experience on their journey from graduated aeronautical students to airline pilots. Very interested part of the meeting was capt. Grgec’s explanation of future training plans and possibilities of employment within the company.  Students expressed their interest by attending the lecture in large number and by asking a lot of proficient and well structurated questions. We hope that this kind of gathering will continue in the future.

Capt. Grgec with his team (capt. Hubak and f/o Klasić)


Students of commercial pilot modules at the lecture

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