New ATC Basic Training Course Started for the Employees of CroControl


On October 3rd 2016, a new class of 12 candidates selected by CroControl Ltd (Croatian ANSP) started their ATC basic training at the Croatian Air Traffic Control Training Centre, Faculty of Transport and Traffic Sciences. The training is being held by employees of the Department of Aeronautics with significant input from the ATC instructors employed by CroControl.


The goal of the course is to teach the candidates basic theory needed for future work and rating training. The basic training covers following topics: Introduction, Air Law, Navigation, Air Traffic Management, Aircraft, Equipment and Systems, Human Factors, Meteorology, Professional Environment, and Aviation English. This generation of candidates is undergoing the training for ATC according to the EU regulation 2015/340.

With the help of the ATC instructors, during the Basic training, the candidates will also gain valuable skills on the BEST radar simulator. For the first time at the Croatian Air Traffic Control Training Centre, candidates will take part in practical simulator training for all three air traffic control units, Aerodrome, Area Control and Approach control.

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