Students of the Department of Aeronautics have successfully finished EUROCONTROL Traineeships!

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Three students of the Department of Aeronautics (Petar Papoči, Dorea Antolović and Tea Dobroslavić) attended EUROCONTROL Experimental Centre (EEC) Traineeships from April till June/August 2020. During the traineeships, the students were supervised and guided by their EEC mentors Mrs. Angela Nuić, Mr. Jean-Christophe Perrin and Mrs. Marta Llobet Lopez and managed by Mr. Philippe Debels, Head of Simulators and Simulations Unit at EEC. Even though the traineeship was supposed to be completed at Eurocontrol Experimental Centre, due to corona pandemic, the traineeships were done remotely via on-line systems with the unselfish support and assistance  of  the mentors and numerous EEC experts.

The final result of the traineeships were three diploma thesis:

  • Petar Papoči (supervised by Assistant Professor Karolina Krajček Nikolić): Modeling and Validation of BADA 4 Aircraft Piston Performance
  • Dorea Antolović (supervised by Associate Professor Biljana Juričić): Development of Scenarios on the ESCAPE ATC Simulator
  • Tea Dobroslavić (supervised by Associate Professor Biljana Juričić): Development of a Safety Performance Evaluation Process and Supporting Tool for Changes in ATM

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