I.Grgurević, I.Jovović, M.Jasak, A. Brodarić

6th Conference "Maintenance 2020"

Reliability and Lifecycle of User Network Equipment for Provision of Telecommunication Services

I.Grgurević, K.Juršić, V. Rajič

The 5th EAI International Conference on Management of Manufacturing Systems, EAI MMS 2020

Review of Automatic Passenger Counting Systems in Public Urban Transport

V.Rajič, K.Juršić, I.Grgurević, M.Vlajčić

17th International Scientific Conference “Science and Traffic Development” (ZIRP 2019)

Testing Wireless Telecommunication Network in Public Urban Passenger Transport Vehicles in the City of Zagreb

M.Periša, D.Peraković, P.Zorić

Til 2019

Challenges of assistive technologies implementation into Industry 4.0: A review

M.Periša, T.M.Kuljanić, I.Cvitić, P.Kolarovszki

Wireless networks

Conceptual model for informing user with innovative smart wearable device in industry 4.0

M.Periša, I.Cvitić, D.Peraković, S.Husnjak


Beacon Technology for Real-Time Informing the Traffic Network Users about the Environment


Promet - Traffic & Transportation

Proposal of a Conceptual Architecture System for Informing the User in the IoT Environment

I.Cvitić, D.Peraković, M.Periša, M.Botica

Wireless networks

Novel approach for detection of IoT generated DDoS traffic

D.Peraković, M.Periša, I. Cvitić, L. Brletić

EAI Endorsed Transactions on Internet of Things

Innovative services for informing visually impaired persons in indoor environment

I. Jovović, D. Peraković, S. Husnjak

PROMET - Traffic & Transportation

The Impact of Using Modern Information and Communication Equipment and Services on Driving Safety