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 Few words about our Faculty

Faculty tradition is tied with the establishment of the Higher Postal and Telecommunications School (PTT) in 1962. In 1965, thirteen companies and associations in the Republic of Croatia initiated and financially supported establishment of the specialized institution: Institute of Transport and Traffic Sciences.

Faculty of Civil Engineering organized the first expert study of transport for training of transport professionals at a higher education level in 1965. The classes were held in interfaculty program collaboration with teachers from seven faculties of the Zagreb University, namely: Faculties of Architecture, Economics, Electrotechnics, Civil Engineering, Mechanical and Naval Engineering and Law School.

The need for road transport experts with college and university education has resulted in education of students in that branch of transport. In 1970, following the two years of preparation, College of Road Transport and Traffic was established, with headquarters in Kraljevićeva 24.

Study program of air traffic was initiated in 1972, with the establishment of College of Air Traffic, with several study programmes: air traffic, aeronautics, and later, aerotehnical program.

Transport and Traffic Sciences Centre consisting of two institutions: Faculty of Transport and Traffic Sciences and Institute of Transport and Traffic Sciences was established in 1981. The former deals with the scientific and educational work and the latter with the scientific and research work in the field of transport and traffic.

Study of railway traffic also existed in a form of an interfaculty study programme in this period, but its actual beginning can be traced to 13 April 1982. On this date a decision was issued which states that the Faculty of Transport and Traffic Sciences at the University of Zagreb meets the requirements for organization and teaching.

Tremendous effort has been invested in order to make this faculty take its appropriate place in the system of higher education within the University of Zagreb.

Faculty of Transport and Traffic Sciences occupies three locations in the city of Zagreb: Vukelićeva 4, Kušlanova 2, and Borongajska 83A, where the University Campus Borongaj is situated, as well as facilities at the Lučko airport.
The Faculty employs 180 workers of which 121 are members of the teaching staff and 59 work in administration and others areas.

Student organizations on Faculty of Transport and Traffic Sciences

At the Faculty of Transport and Traffic Sciences there are three student organizations: Student Association of the Faculty of Transport and Traffic Engineering – TRANS, a subsidiary of the Croatian Academic Community – HAZ and the branch of the Student Union of the University of Zagreb.
TRANS as the Student Association of the Faculty of Transport and Traffic Engineering also manifests itself through actions of the branch of the Student Association, which organizes various free time activities for students, solves student problems and monitors the implementation of student rights.
TRANS brings together students of the Faculty of Transport and Traffic Engineering who have the ambition to improve their profession enjoy their free time and become highly educated professionals, traffic engineers. Students can test their competencies in writing articles for the student magazine ‘PROM ‘, a magazine which deals exclusively with traffic engineering, or work on numerous student projects. They are also engaged in organizing international conferences, the tournament in futsal, as well as Career Day where various companies which deal with transport provide career opportunities for students. They also organise freshmen parties called ‘Prometijada’ as well as various professional forums that enable students to exchange information on possible solutions to transport problems with the help from many transport experts and professionals. They are also working on numerous projects that promote teamwork, which is a basis for success and is dictated by all spheres of our society.

At the Faculty of Transport and Traffic Sciences as well as at most faculties, the Croatian Academic Community supports a number of projects that promote the quality of student life through numerous activities including entertainment and education. Students participate in many international conferences where they can be acquainted with western standards of quality. The association aims to improve the academic life of students in our area.

The Student Union was founded in 1996, with the intention of protecting the rights and promoting the interests of students of various universities. According to the Student Union Law from 1997 all students become members of the Student Union when they enrol and the Union has the legitimacy to represent them.

Faculty of Transport and Traffic Sciences, Department of Railway Transport

Faculty of Transport and Traffic Sciences, Department of Water Traffic and Transport



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