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The Faculty of Transport and Traffic Sciences, University of Zagreb starts the new study program in English language, "LogisTics And mobiLity ManagemENT – TALENT"

The innovative study program TALENT attracts many foreign students increasing academic mobility and knowledge transfer. The individual teaching approach enables students to acquire competencies that ensure competitiveness in the domestic and international labor market. 

The new graduate university study program TALENT has been reviewed by international experts and verified by Croatian Ministry of Science and Education. Teaching of TALENT is performed in person and online (up to 20% of the classes) at the Faculty of Transport and Traffic Sciences. The program is performed in cooperation with the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering and Naval Architecture and the Faculty of Organization and Informatics, both from University of Zagreb, thereby, ensuring an interdisciplinary teaching approach.

The idea for the new study program TALENT came from the growing need for the sustainable mobility of people, goods, and information. Especially as sustainable mobility has been recognized as a key driver of economic growth. The implementation of new technologies and processes that align with the current technological and IT achievements in transport and logistics has opened great opportunities for creating new job positions that require new competencies and knowledge.

The four-semester program TALENT includes mandatory courses, a large number of elective courses, a project task, and the master’s thesis. The courses provide students with the knowledge and skills in logistics and mobility management in line with labor market needs. The students of TALENT will have an opportunity to work in over a dozen modern laboratories and cooperate with internationally recognized experts in data mining applications, intelligent logistics services, advanced traffic management systems, e-maintenance in transport and logistics, smart railways, virtual reality in transport and logistics, continuous improvement methodologies, design thinking in digital transformation, communication security in transportation, reverse logistics, quality management, etc.

The study program was developed within the project "LoMI - crossing borders through internationalization" which is co-financed from the Operational program Efficient Human Resources 2014-2020 of the European Social Fund.

Recognize the opportunity and contact us!

Info: talent@fpz.unizg.hr

In the academic year 2024/2025, there are no planned enrollments of students in the TALENT study program.

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30. siječnja 2023.

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