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Intelligent transportation systems program

Intelligent transport systems (ITS) program is provided on undergraduate and graduate levels. The curricula and course content are in line with the state-of-the-art developments in the field of ITS in Europe and worldwide. By earning the undergraduate or graduate degree, students gain the competencies and qualifications required in ITS companies and organizations.

By completing the undergraduate studies and acquiring 180 ECTS credits, students gain skills in:

  • knowledge and understanding of systems analysis methods for studying intelligent transportation systems
  • applying the acquired knowledge in planning and designing intelligent transport systems
  • updating and processing relevant data in ITS using digital tools.

By completing the graduate studies and acquiring 120 ECTS credits, students gain skills in:

  • preparing project studies in the field of intelligent transportation systems
  • planning, supervising, and executing professional, development, and scientific projects in the field of ITS
  • carrying out ITS design, development, and implementation projects
  • organizing and integrating various ITS-related processes
  • analyzing, designing, and constructing ITS architectures
  • managing intelligent transportation system maintenance.

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