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Logistics workshop is an innovative project aimed at improving students" knowledge and business competencies through a simulation of real business processes. Through various simulations, students have the opportunity to show how skilled they are in the practical application of the acquired knowledge in the field of transport and logistics. The project, designed in the form of a competition, provides an opportunity for students to work on the competencies needed for working in a team and managing unforeseen situations. The project brings together the scientists and the practitioners. These businessmen, who deal with logistics processes in their daily business operations, design the simulations, evaluate the teams, and, at the end of the workshop, reflect on the progress and the results of the simulations. The simulations motivate the students, encourage them to actively apply the acquired knowledge, and help them develop the competencies needed for employment. The main goals of the Logistics workshop are to connect businessmen, students and professors, promote teamwork and collaboration, expose students to new situations with time constraints, and help students analyze their own strengths and weaknesses.

Why Logistics workshop?
  • Motivating students
  • Actively applying acquired knowledge
  • Developing the competencies needed for employment
  • Approaching practical problems from the logistics point of view
What are the benefits for the economic entities?
  • Suggesting potential solutions to a particular problem
  • Assistance in selecting quality potential employees
  • Promoting the company through participation in such projects
  • Bringing together the practitioners, the students and the scientists
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