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Postgraduate studies


according to the old curriculum before the Bologna process

Doctoral studies
Technological systems in transportation and traffic

Currently enroled

Doctoral studies
Technological systems in transportation and traffic

according to the new curriculum,
doctoral study Transportation

Postgraduate studies
Head of postgraduate studies
Doris Novak, Ph. D.
Secretary of the doctoral studies
Lahorka Crnković, senior lecturer

Tasks of the postgraduate study at the Faculty of Transport and Traffic Sciences are the creation of new and relevant knowledge and scientific understanding as well as their application and education of researchers in the field of technical sciences, field of traffic and transport technology. Emphasis has been put on training the PhD candidates for independent, research and interdisciplinary approach to problems, for independent research and for critical evaluation of others, acquiring knowledge, experience and skills that should enable the candidates to solve complex social and economic problems in the scientific field of transport and traffic technology in a way that is creative and based on research.

Postgraduate study is based on a structured study programme that is organized in such a way that PhD candidates from the first semester up to the defence of doctoral thesis join the research groups working at the Faculty. Training is conducted through two educational processes. First, a process of teaching that includes both compulsory and elective subjects defined in the module (compulsory subjects module and elective subjects module). The second, research process, is carried out through research seminars. These two processes take place at the same time, and research is introduced from the beginning of the programme. That is why the main feature of the postgraduate study is research and study through research. In addition, postgraduate studies are based on internationalization, transparency, international quality standards and international competitiveness. By completing the study, a PhD candidate is qualified to work in scientific teaching and scientific research institutions, development institutes and research centres of large companies in the public and private sector as well as in transport companies of all sizes.

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