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Quality control

In the spirit of these fast changing times it is our desire to change for the better. In order to do so, we need your help. It seems like it was yesterday, and yet it seems so long ago, when we ourselves were students with a thousand ideas, wishes and complaints about our then professors, about the practices of those days and perceived injustices. Today the roles have changed and it is up to us to face the new students with their ideas, wishes and complaints.  As it is with every profession, teaching often changes our perspectives and outlook on the world. We hope that you yourselves will soon become professionals with an opportunity to experience these realities for yourselves. Therefore we ask you to support us through this period of change and help us to improve. How? It really isn’t that hard. Write and submit your teacher evaluations, send us your ideas, wishes and suggestions. There are suggestion boxes throughout the faculty. Talk to us and believe that you can make a difference. Believe that every small improvement is a part of a larger change for the better, and that you are invited to be a part of it. This faculty aspires to leave a trace on your professional identities and wants to be proud of you, as much as it wants you to be proud of it.

Quality Management Committee
Faculty of Transport and Traffic Sciences

Dear colleagues,
We invite you to send your suggestions, comments, questions and complaints:

Your opinion matters!

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PROMET - Traffic&Transportation ZIRP International Cooperation and Mobility Quality Management Committee Udruga bivših studenata FPZ-a

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