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One of the main objectives of the 2018 to 2023 Development Strategy of the Faculty of Transport and Traffic Sciences of the University of Zagreb is to adjust all Faculty activities to the ever-greater technological changes in the application of advanced technologies in traffic, transport, logistics, and aeronautics. Developing and improving faculty laboratories is an important step in the adjustment process.

Today, the Faculty of Traffic and Transport Sciences has a total of 22 laboratories. The laboratories operate under 13 departments established as faculty research units and four independent departments. Four laboratories are accredited or certified by external bodies, and one laboratory is a joint laboratory of the Faculty and partner from the economy.

Faculty laboratories are a fundamental material and technical resource for teaching, research, and professional activities at the Faculty. Many undergraduate and graduate courses are taught in the laboratories, and the doctoral studies of Transport are based around the research work conducted in the laboratory. The most important research work within national and international scientific projects in which the Faculty participates as a holder or a partner is conducted in the Faculty laboratories. The majority of laboratories, especially those certified by external bodies, carry out analyses and tests for economic and public administration partners, both in the Republic of Croatia and throughout Europe and the world.

The purpose of the Laboratory Equipment Catalogue is to inform students, especially doctoral students, and teachers, scientists, and researchers of the Faculty about the various equipment at their disposal, which improves the planning and implementation of teaching, research, and professional work. Additionally, the description of the Faculty"s equipment, instruments, software packages, and other tools gives the existing and potential partners from other higher education and scientific research institutions and the economy a better insight into the capabilities of the Faculty and encourages cooperation on joint projects.

List of laboratories:

  1. Aerodynamics Laboratory
  2. Flight Simulation Laboratory
  3. Intelligent Transportation Systems Laboratory
  4. Laboratory for Aircraft Emissions
  5. Laboratory for Applied Ergonomics in Traffic and Transport
  6. Laboratory for Control of Air Navigation
  7. Laboratory for Data Science in Transportation and Logistics
  8. Laboratory for Georeferential Video System
  9. Laboratory for Modelling and Optimizing Information and Communication Networks and Services
  10. Laboratory for Modelling and Simulation in Aviation / Air Traffic Management
  11. Laboratory for Modelling and Simulation of Railway Systems
  12. Laboratory for Planning and Modeling in Water Transport
  13. Laboratory for Planning and Modelling in Road Traffic
  14. Laboratory for Rail Traffic Safety
  15. Laboratory for Security and Forensic Analysis of Information Communication Systems
  16. Laboratory for Simulations in Logistics
  17. Laboratory for Testing in Aeronautical Engineering
  18. Laboratory for the Development and Research of Information and Communication Assistive Technology
  19. Laboratory for Traffic Accidents Expertise
  20. Laboratory for Urban Transport
  21. Testing laboratory of Department of Traffic Signalling
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