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Faculty of Transport and Traffic Sciences Student Council

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University Campus Borongaj, building 71, basement

(Anonymity is guaranteed, we do not disclose your name or email address)

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The purpose of the Faculty of Transport and Traffic Sciences Student Council (FTTSSC) as a student representative body is to protect the interests of students, participate in the work and decision-making processes of the Faculty bodies and represent students of the Faculty of Transport and Traffic Sciences in the higher education system. The mission is to establish a self-sustained, student-oriented system of support and proactive studying.

Student Council Activities are:

  • improving student life at FTTS
  • meeting the demands and expectations of all FTTS students
  • creating a stimulating and healthy environment for students which will generate quality engineers
  • supporting students during their study and raising the quality of the study process
  • addressing students" problems and assisting them with their projects
  • organizing and involving students in the work of different workshops, professional seminars, events, trips, humanitarian projects, etc.
  • starting projects in cooperation with the Faculty staff
  • assisting exchange students
  • developing new friendships and connections
  • protecting students" rights at the Faculty
  • participating in the work of committees relating to sport, technical resources, human resources, public relations and economic cooperation
  • participating in the Faculty promotional activities
  • providing space and resources needed for student development
  • cooperation and communication with the Faculty management.

All students are invited to take part in the work of the committees founded by FTTSSC (economic cooperation, public relations, human resources, technical resources, sport).

University of Zagreb
Faculty of Transport and Traffic Sciences
Department of Traffic Signalling
+385 1 245 7972
Kušlanova 2, 10 000 Zagreb
Centre for Traffic and Logistics Ltd.
+385 1 238 0297
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