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The Faculty of Transport and Traffic Sciences actively participates in national, regional and international scientific research and development projects funded by national ministries, the European Commission and international institutions.

The Faculty also participates in public and commercial projects that solve the problems of the transport sector at the national and international level. The Faculty has taken on the role of a leading institution in promoting scientific work and expertise in the field of transport in the Republic of Croatia, and has become a key contributor in the processes of solving local, regional and national transport problems. In addition, the faculty actively participates in preparing the planning and strategic documents on both local and national level.

In the last three years, the Faculty has participated in more than 170 professional and scientific-research projects, carried out for more than 60 clients, in cooperation with more than 150 partners.

Major projects:

  • Development Strategy of the City of Split by 2030 and Sustainable Urban Mobility Plan of the City of Split by 2030
  • Master plan for developing the transport system of the City of Zagreb, Zagreb County and Krapina-Zagorje County - Phase II
  • Master plan for developing the traffic system of the functional region of Northern Adriatic
  • ERTMS European Rail Traffic Management System Study
  • Testing the retroreflection of horizontal and vertical traffic signalization on state roads and collecting the data for updating the road database
  • Standard and priority mail quality measurement in domestic traffic
  • Inspection of the locations and the analysis of traffic accidents with fatalities on motorways
  • The potential of the "search and rescue" and the "helicopter emergency medical services" systems centralization at Zadar airport
  • Feasibility study of the "Introduction of the speed monitoring system on motorways" project
  • Evaluation of the National Road Traffic Safety Plan of the Republic of Croatia in 2022
  • Optimizing logistical processes for removing damaged and abandoned vehicles and other objects from state roads

In recent years, the Faculty has been actively involved in the development of projects within the National Road Traffic Safety Program, and we can proudly announce that the Faculty has been officially appointed by the Ministry of the Sea, Transport and Infrastructure to perform education and training for road traffic safety auditors.

Horizon and HRZZ projects

The OLGA project must accelerate the implementation of activities with measurable environmental benefits. Project efforts and innovative measures should reduce CO2 emissions, improve air quality and preserve biodiversity, including the entire aviation value chain. The results should generate positive social, environmental and economic impacts that will be extended to local, national and European levels.

The goal of the project is to create a new methodological framework, i.e. a tool that combines traditional transport engineering with new possibilities of data science, for the analysis and planning of the transport system. The key segment that represents the most innovative part of the project is the method of data collection and processing, and anonymized datasets collected from the telecommunications operator were used. This methodology resulted in commercialization on the market, and this technology was also transferred to the Laboratory for Traffic and Logistics Data Science.

The SUMBooST2 is the continuation of the SUMBooST project, and it further improves the methodology of data science, which extracts key parameters of urban mobility from large, anonymized datasets collected from the telecommunications operator, as well as the source/destination matrix. Algorithms that extract the relevant mobility data from a large data set are a unique part of the methodology and have been further upgraded to identify journeys not only by private cars, but also by using active mobility modes.

AISA will present a vision of automation in a specific ATM operating environment (en-route ATC) and respond to the challenges of transparency and generalization. During this project, a strategy with the necessary information for air traffic controllers will be devised to provide confidence in the automated system. Methods to increase the ability of the automated system to adapt to new circumstances will be explored.

The overall objective of the project is to improve decision-making in traffic flow management, which will ultimately reduce flight delays and improve passenger travel.

Project PJ.09, Digital Network Management Services, aims to improve the predictability of network traffic and the common complexity of presenting all demand capacity balancing (DCB) requirements , dynamic airspace configuration, integrated network management, air traffic control planning (INAP) and collaborative network performance management participants.

This project aims to use the interdisciplinary scientific excellence and innovative capacities of the University of Zagreb in the field of open data in order to increase the supply and use of open government data in Croatia and beyond.

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