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Promet - Traffic&Transportation International Cooperation and Mobility ZIRP Conference Centre for Traffic and Logistics Ltd. SKAI LABS Ltd.

Organizational units

Aerodynamics Laboratory
Chair of Aeronautical Engineering
Chair of Air Traffic Control
Chair of Aviation English
Chair of Avionics and Navigation
Chair of Military Aeronautics
Flight Simulation Laboratory
Laboratory for Aircraft Emissions
Laboratory for Control of Air Navigation
Laboratory for Testing in Aeronautical Engineering
Department of Air Transport
Chair of Air Transport Engineering
Chair of Air Transport Technology
Laboratory for Modelling and Simulation in Aviation / Air Traffic Management
Chair of Information and Communication Systems and Networks
Chair of Information Communication Systems and Services Management (in the establishment process)
Chair of Telecommunication Traffic Theory (in the establishment process)
Chair of Applied Computing
Chair of Transport Telematics
Intelligent Transportation Systems Laboratory
Laboratory for Data Science in Transportation and Logistics
Department of Postal Transport
Chair of Postal Transport Technology
Chair of Organization of Railway Transport (in the establishment process)
Chair of Railway Traffic Safety (in the establishment process)
Chair of Railway Transport Engineering
Chair of Railway Transport Technology
Laboratory for Rail Traffic Safety
Department of Road Transport
Chair of Road Transport Engineering
Chair of Road Transport Technology
Laboratory for Planning and Modelling in Road Traffic
Laboratory for Traffic Accidents Expertise
Testing laboratory of Department of Traffic Signalling
Chair of Distribution Logistics
Chair of Planning Logistics Processes
Laboratory for Simulations in Logistics
Department of Transport Planning
Chair for Transport Infrastructure
Chair of Law and Traffic Economics
Chair of Transport Ecology
Laboratory for Georeferential Video System
Chair of Urban Transport Engineering
Chair of Urban Transport Technology
Laboratory for Urban Transport
Chair of Maritime Logistics (in the establishment process)
Chair of Water Transport Engineering
Chair of Water Transport Technology
Independent Chairs
Chair of Foreign Languages
Chair of General Program Contents
Chair of Intermodal Transport
Laboratory for Applied Ergonomics in Traffic and Transport

University of Zagreb
Faculty of Transport and Traffic Sciences
Department of Traffic Signalling
+385 1 245 7972
Kušlanova 2, 10 000 Zagreb
Centre for Traffic and Logistics Ltd.
+385 1 238 0297
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PROMET - Traffic&Transportation ZIRP International Cooperation and Mobility Quality Management Committee Udruga bivših studenata FPZ-a

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