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Faculty of Transport and Traffic Sciences

As a constituent of the University of Zagreb, the Faculty of Transport and Traffic Sciences is a successor to its legacy that goes back to 23 September 1669 making it the oldest university in Croatia and southeastern Europe. As one of the younger members of the University, the Faculty of Transport and Traffic Sciences has been operating for 35 years. Today, educational activities include conducting university programs and scientific, research, and professional work in the field of traffic and transport engineering and technology. In addition to the existing study programs Transport, Intelligent Transport Systems and Logistics, and Aeronautics, the Faculty is developing new study programs in cooperation with the industry. The existing curriculum, aligned with the Bologna system, has been implemented at the Faculty of Transport and Traffic Sciences since 2005 to ensure comparability, mobility, and specialization. Two levels of study programs are provided, undergraduate (a three-year bachelor"s degree) and graduate level (two-year master"s and three-year doctoral degrees). The Faculty also provides postgraduate specialist studies "Urban Traffic", "Intermodal Transport" and "Transport Logistics and Management", which last one year.

To enroll in undergraduate studies, candidates must meet the enrollment criteria defined and published each year. After completing the undergraduate studies, students are awarded the academic title of university bachelor/engineer of traffic and transport/aeronautics. Students who have completed undergraduate studies at the Faculty of Transport and Traffic Sciences or another faculty in the technical field can enroll in graduate studies. If the student has completed undergraduate studies at another technical faculty, the transfer is realized in the first year of graduate studies by taking additional courses. Applicants who have completed undergraduate or graduate studies in the field of technical sciences can enroll in postgraduate specialist or doctoral studies. After completing the graduate studies, students are awarded the academic title of master/engineer of traffic and transport/aeronautics. After completing the specialist studies, students are awarded the title of university specialist and after completing the doctoral study, doctor of science.

Academic and personal competencies are defined at different levels (courses and study programs) for all study programs of the Faculty. Faculty of Transport and Traffic sciences study program guidelines:

  • 180 ECTS credits are awarded for completing undergraduate studies, 120 for graduate studies, 60 for specialist studies, and 180 for doctoral studies
  • elective courses account for up to 14-20% of total ECTS credits at the undergraduate level (depending on the field of study) and 24% at the graduate level, 59% for Aeronautics
    weekly student workload includes 25-30 classroom hours
    all courses are one-semester courses
  • appropriate competencies and learning outcomes are defined for each subject.
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